Meet your Mentor & Coach.

The Training and Mentoring services provided by the Meta-Life Institute, is directed by Dr. Brits, a Leadership Development Consultant and Transformational Coach, has more than 20 years of Counselling, and Training experience. Martin holds degrees in Architecture (Building Arts / Sciences) and the Christian Ministry (Human Sciences), a Masters-degree in Religious Education, and Doctorate in Divinity, he specializes in Spiritual Directing/Guidance, and is also a qualified Spiritual Healer in various Alternative Modalities.

Dr. Brits previously served as Ordained Minister and Director of various Counselling and Cross-Cultural Training initiatives for Missionaries, with extensive experience in Transformational Coaching and Leadership Development initiatives. Dr. Brits is ISNS Certified as Meta-NLP Practitioner/Coach, and is an experienced Workshop Facilitator, Healer and Catalyst for Change. Dr. Brits served on various National and International Leadership Fraternal and Ministry Councils.

Martin, also managed an Architectural Practice for more than 18 years with extensive experience in Property Development and Project Management. He has a vast experience in Architectural & Interior Design, specializing in Hospitality, and has been Mentoring Building Contractors for many years.

Vision & Purpose: "It is my objective to equip and inspire people to take charge of their lives, and awaken their optimum potential in facilitating a shift of consciousness. Guiding people through transitions, I assist individuals to overcome difficult areas in their lives and reach their dreams and objectives, encouraging them to create a brighter future for themselves and the world around them."

One of the primary keys to a fulfilling life is the understanding of your purpose and living a life with meaning. My own personal search for significance has led me here to create these dynamic Personal Mastery and Spiritual Growth Courses to share what I have found and to help others to understand that their lives do have purpose and meaning, and that it is not terribly difficult to figure-out what that is when one has quality guidance. I am blessed as a Mystic with Higher Guidance mentoring me since childhood, giving my life purpose and this very Mission to share these tools in the hope that you too will benefit from the information. One-by-one, we share till the World is healed and transformed for the better. I have found my passion and so can you!!

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