Personal Development and Transformation

A Return to the Source of Self is a Return to Innocence and Power.

Experience a Radical Personal Transformation, Personal Growth and

Spiritual Awakening through this Personal Mastery Programme.

"Live your Truth" - What is the Course all about?

Firstly, congratulations on following your hearts impulse and your interest in your own growth and development. Know now that it's your destiny to be amazing, its your choice not to be. Empower yourself through t
he only Transformation and Consciousness Incubation Programme you will ever need. This course is unique as it provides you with all the information you will ever require to move you towards an unparalleled improved and fulfilled life that has meaning and significance. It is also unique in that it covers more areas of personal development than any other experiential life improvement course available on the market. The majority of programmes available on the circuit provide only surface level action steps and soft skills, such as anger- and time-management, communication skills, and encouragement to believe in yourself. Yet they fail to facilitate methods of self-discovery that will empower you to deal with past disappointments and pain, or equip you to move forward in following your passions and expressing your unique contribution in society. Our course will therefore uniquely re-establish in you, the basis for a healthy self-esteem and correct the foundations that will support self-confidence in your own personal value.

Living your Truth, denotes the stage where we return from the the sacred place of our "inner selves", the place where we meet true purpose and spiritual understanding. It is also the place where we make intuitive choices on which path to choose to continue in a lifestyle that brings either destruction and discord in society; or to live a life that brings a value to the World in the wholeness and richness of our true selves. Live your Truth, model the process of change management, and provides a well-defined foundation ensuring the process of instruction and spiritual care is professional, accountable and thorough. The prescribed course curriculum is designed to guide you through an awakening process towards deeper understanding of yourself, allowing you to spend time on the facets that stretch you towards a new way of thinking. In consideration of the underlying belief systems that lead to dysfunctional behaviors and feelings, you will come to understand what hindered you from stepping into your power to live a fulfilling life. The course is presented as a motivational tool to enhance and prepare you towards practical application of consciousness. The course further aims to focus on inspiring a personal lifestyle that is respectful, accommodating and appropriate behavior towards other people. The learning process is developed to focus on Identity Issues, to eliminate limiting belief systems through a process of reflective interaction and group dynamics, utilizing reliable individualized transformational techniques. The course takes a holistic healing approach to Spiritual and Personal Enrichment that draw from various academic disciplines in the formulation and development of wholesome Life - Objectives and Outcomes that
assist a deeper awakening of personal consciousness.


Life is just a mystery that unfolds as we relentlessly dare to express the dream of whom we essentially are. This course will help you to re-awaken your Passion, Vision and Meaning for life. Join us and find again the Inner Motivation to Release your Inner Potential and fulfil Your Life Purpose and Live your Dream. 

A Taste of What is to come ...

As important as “Image” or status has become in modern society, there is one thing you cannot dress-up; and that is passion.  It is what makes us as individuals’ tick, come alive and obtain the impossible?  It is something that cannot be dressed up nor be acquired, but passion is what comes from within, contained on the beds of the heart. It is those dreams and aspirations that once rekindled will become most visible on the outside with purpose and value. It is also when we meet the truth of whom we are on the Inner planes that spark a spiritual passion that carry us through difficult times. It is this process that help us to overcome stuck areas that is not working in our lives and find new direction for our lives. We live in a world in which demands are constantly being made of us and where things move so fast that there is often little time to stand back and reflect on whether we are living the life we were meant to live. So often we are simply trying to get through the demands of each day. Eventually we may start to wonder “Is this really all there is to life?” This may be your ideal moment to step into your own power to create the reality you desire for yourself. This is your opportunity to learn more about the blocks that prevent us from stepping out in our own power into a new reality. So ask yourself; what are the factors that bring about these fearful thoughts that prevent you from moving forward. Or what is it that causes me to focus so naturally on the negative and how can I eliminate this? The course presented will answer these questions and much more and are ideally for people who feel they are in a place of transition, trying to make sense of it all.

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Don’t miss out on a Unique opportunity to experience a radical transition in your experience of life.

Consciousness Training Overview.

The Transformation and Consciousness Incubation Programme, is primarily about the way we think, feel and behave. Awakening is the process of discovering your own unique place within humanity, your self-worth and dignity, and the willingness to follow passion in a way that brings upliftment, restoration and growth to you and your community. By applying experiential awareness exercises and techniques, the programme shapes the sense of self, and broadens the understanding of who we are. Consciousness training involves awareness of what it is that is happening in ones mind that causes or gives rise to certain emotional responses & behavioral patterns. Thoughts create action and at a deeper level, thoughts create the world and experiences you attract to yourself. By altering your perceptions and beliefs, you can create a better outcome for your life. As we give ourselves permission to release that which no longer serves us, we are enabled to choose, to be our personal best. On this first path we learn to examine ways of being with ourselves and thus the ways we are with others. The turning point back to your “inner altar”, is when you finally come to acknowledge that the Source of all of Life, is the same mysterious life-force that sustains every person no matter what creed or color, race or religion. Awakening ourselves to this mysterious “Spiritual Essence” within our beings, broadens our perception of the inter-connectedness to all life, as fields of consciousness, fields of energy, and aliveness with intelligence. The real question will remain… “are we of those who never do what they want to do?” Then this opportunity is for you, for growth and transformation.


          Among other things, this course will:

  • Help you to understand yourself, who you are and what you are meant to be “Spiritually”. 
  • It imparts the ability to live mindful of every moment and to enjoy and experience life to the full. 
  • Helps you develop your critical thinking skills to make effective decisions about the things that affect and shape your life.
  • Give you back autonomy of your life to ensure that you are no longer a victim of circumstances.
  • As you determine the outcome of your life, the course will help you to set clear and  achievable goals.

Duration and Cost.

The consciousness training programme will be presented in modular format. The first course, Live your Truth, is available through various learning options listed below. The Programme can also be followed in private or small-group Coaching sessions. Please contact us to confirm times and availability to book your space. Practical assignments throughout the courses will ensure interaction with learning content and personal participation. A certificate of completion issued at completion of the programme will serve as reminder for a personal commitment towards human excellence and wholeness in society.

! Here is the Good News !

Option A.

The Live your Truth, Personal Mastery Course, can be done in private or small-group Coaching sessions once a week over a period of (12) twelve weeks. We are presenting the training course at the incredible special offer now for just R 4 800 in total. This amount includes all course notes, as manual issued during training. Each session will take about three hours and will be presented at our venue in Pinetown. Students may book Individual Coaching Sessions for R480 per hour/half session, normally valued at R590/session. Sessions needs to be booked in advance. The advantage of this approach is personal application of course information.

Option B.

The programme is also available as Correspondence E-Course for the same discounted rate. The option includes a user manual and course notes, a CD with Guided Meditations (available online), and continual access to your trainer via email and Skype, for clarification sessions once a week.


This course can be the turning point for you if you are the person ready for a breakthrough to occur in your life, relationships, or business focus. So, what are you prepared to invest towards your own success and happiness. And remember, this might just be the Universe bringing you the opportunity you have asked for and if you don’t take advantage of it, you may never get this opportunity again.

For more information and to reserve your space - contact us now

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