Directing Spiritual Growth and Transformation

Need Spiritual Guidance, Direction, and Insights for your Life?

In Ancient-days, people consulted the Prophets, Psychics, Soothsayers, Fortunetellers, Shamans, Guides, Gurus and Mystics to receive Spiritual assistance with problem situations in life. This mostly became the later role of the Priest and Pastor in Society. However, Modern Society requires higher-insight that can be given from non-religious, conscious professionals without the stigma of Church or Temple observances attached. Spirit Directing or Transformational Coaching does that - it awakens the power of your inner reality (intuition) and equip you to lead and serve from that place of a deeper personal connection with Source (God). It allows normal people like me and you as well as Change Makers: the Visionaries, Innovators and Creative Thinkers, who are leading the global shift, to open to and realize the greater possibilities that lie within themselves and their businesses. Spiritual Growth and Personal Development is a journey of self discovery, learning about your inner world, and allowing you to uncover limiting beliefs to break through self-imposed barriers, and to actualize your full potential. Personal Leadership is the ability to manage oneself appropriately and proactively in all circumstances. It is also about being proficient in relating to others in meaningful ways and being able to enhance and transform relationships. The objective of Spirit Directing and Transformational Coaching is to provide a framework wherein techniques and practical tools can be imparted one a personal level, that will enhance individual understanding and competence to manage behaviors, thoughts and emotions. Through personal interaction, it also instil the skills and confidence for the participant to experience life and its many challenges from a more conscious and insightful perspective, as we discuss and relate principles to practical examples. 

You are here for a reason. We are here to help you

  • Believe in yourself and your unique role on the New Earth
  • Create a compelling Vision of yourself as who you truly are
  • Rediscover your Mission (your Life’s Purpose)
  • Explore ways of living your Mission that lead to an enriched quality of life

As a leader, change agent or spiritual light worker, whether executive or entrepreneur, you have arrived here because of a vision – a desire that’s bigger than you. Without a doubt, we see your capacity for enlightened leadership is well within your reach and extraordinary results are yours for the asking.

   What is Spiritual Directing?

On our Spiritual Journeys, two of the most important questions that we need to answer are: Where am I right now? And where do I want to go? As those who have navigated with a compass have experienced, knowing where North is does little for us unless we know where we are or where we want to be on our journey. Spiritual Growth takes on many faces. It may look different for you than it does for me, but it always connects us more deeply to the One in whom we live and move and have our being, and to each other. Sadly, many of us struggle under false understandings of how to grow spiritually, based on misapplied teachings or our production-oriented culture. Often, we feel discontented with our level of spiritual maturity or growth, but aren’t sure how to change that—unless it’s reading more Scripture, meditating more, or attending more Sunday School classes.

Often enough, we see someone else who seems to have achieved some level of spiritual maturity, and we attempt to do whatever it is that they are doing. Over time, we have some successes and some failures, be we mostly feel unchanged. And tired. Then, we hit upon more failures. Eventually, it becomes too much, and we quit. Which works fine until we encounter guilt, and when it becomes too much, and we look around for someone who seems to be growing spiritually, and we attempt to emulate them. The cycle continues: effort, fatigue, failure, guilt. The heart of spiritual direction is journeying with someone who is able to help you recognize the ways that you hide, and guide you through work with the Spirit of God to a deep place of hope and freedom.

Consciousness Coaching is an advanced methodology of coaching that creates shifts in the client's awareness leaving them empowered to influence providence and create a self designed destiny. The ability to assist others to achieve more and gain clarity, both in their lives and at work, and access the resources they need to solve problems and fulfil their dreams, is both a sought after and highly rewarding skill. It is also an ability that can be learnt.  

How is Coaching different from Professional Consulting?

A consultant's job is to be the expert, you hire a consultant to come in and tell you what to do. So a consultant's job is to provide advice and suggestions for the way forward. A coach's job is to find out what you want to achieve and to support you in being able to be the greatest you can be. Through asking the right questions, a coach supports you in being able to get there in the most efficient and effective way possible, and support you in getting clear on what you want, and then how to get there. Although the broadest definition of personal development encompasses improvement in every area of your life, you may be more interested and focused on just some of these areas:

  1. Intellectual life - mental processes, and education
  2. Emotional life – happiness, peacefulness and other emotions tied in with your thoughts and Understandings
  3. Spiritual life – experience of life transcending the physical, and ascending higher vibrations
  4. Social life - relationships and community
  5. Career – expressing yourself through your work and contributing to society
  6. Health and fitness – physical well-being

People pursue self development as a means to what is considered becoming 'better' in their lives, in some regard. Just a few things you might achieve by cultivating your personal growth are: being more organized, or kinder, happier, more peaceful, understanding, more mindful, more confident, more loving, more effective at work, healthier, or more successful financially. The most important aspects of self development are based on the non physical aspects of our being: delving into and expanding intellectual, emotional and spiritual understanding and experience. By developing in the areas at the top of the list, our development naturally finds expression in the physical arenas further down the list. In other words, as our mental and spiritual lives develop, those changes naturally reflect in the physical expression of our lives.

When Do People Work With a Spiritual Director?

When there is changes in your experience of prayer and worship and you’re not sure why.

For discernment when at a transition point in life, whether spiritual, relational, or professional.

For support and encouragement through all life’s challenges, whether relationships, work, choices, goals, dreams, illness and recovery, religious teachings, and experiences, etc.

To expand awareness to discover a greater sense of God presence, love, and grace everywhere.

Leads towards renewal or deepening of faith, hope, in appropriating life’s purpose.

For guidance in spiritual practices, applying spiritual tools and methodology.

If you simply want to grow deeper in your prayer life and in your relationship with God.

To find a deeper more authentic connection to your true self, others, and creation.

      Spiritual Directing can and often involve;

  • Being exposed to and learning new spiritual practices, beyond Conventional Traditions,
  • Understanding and applying the vital nature of spiritual disciplines and experiences, and attuning to the benefit of silence in the context of spiritual growth, exploring the false self and moving towards the true god-self through Internal reflection and healing prompted by the movement of Spirit
  • Sessions may also uncover shadow elements and behavioural patterns reflected in circumstances and relationships that hold you to the past, or prevent you from moving forward.

Spiritual Directing offers a voice of guidance to those who are intent on growth, with special emphasis given to recognizing and responding to a “Higher Presence” in ones life and listening truth into being. The Spiritual Director is known by many metaphors as Pastor, Guide, Sage or Mystic, yet is essentially supported by the concept of a “Soul Friend” (Anam Cara). It is one who journeys alongside in a deeper way, stepping into the story of the other in a manner that acknowledges the whole picture and nurtures its growth. The Spiritual Director is a Metaphysical Counselor leading the seeker towards deeper levels of consciousness and providing Life Path Guidance, identifying transforming belief systems that hold them back in business and in life. A Spiritual Director therefore provides the sacred practice of attuning to the presence of Source, looking for God or Spirit’s activity in your life story and give the opportunity and space to reflect on that presence and involvement in your life. As we explore that which is no longer serve the current spiritual experience in a non-judgmental and loving supportive atmosphere - it allows for out-of-the box possibilities to bring insight and understanding that may be more meaningful, or give clarity to practices normally inhibited by Religious views. This process empowers individuals to fearlessly embrace transformation and realize previously untapped potential. When an spiritual awakening takes form to find new expression through you, most people discover that many older spiritual practices no longer completely serve them, nor can all religious structures accommodate their unique call. Also, they begin sensing this transmutation when other people’s perceptions and religious traditions no longer match their own experiences.

Unlike traditional counseling and therapy, the focus of Coaching is not on problems or dealing with specific behavioural issues, although not excluded. Spiritual Directing provides a focused means of growing in one’s relationship with, or attuning yourself to the larger reality of “Life” and thus moving away from problem behaviours or limited thinking. While Spiritual Directing does involve some teaching, unlike discipleship or training workshops, that is not the main thrust of the direction sessions. Just as in mentorship, the person to whom the seeker comes takes an active, participative role. Often this involves study, exercises to be completed, and lessons to learn in a successive pattern that is designed to track growth and assist intuitive development. While your director may sometimes give you exercises to try, or teach in regards to methods of prayer or other topics, the predominant role of a director is as a listener and guide. Much as you wouldn’t expect your guide up a mountain to stand at the bottom and instruct you in the methods needed to reach the summit, a director takes the path with you, listening, watching and only occasionally intervening when he or she sees that you may be moving close to a cliff.

 Metaphysical Counselling.  

Metaphysical Life Coaching is a step forward in the field of personal development. Metaphysics is the study of true perception; the knowing of what brought the universe into being and the processes involved in manifesting life in a physical dimension. The objective of a Metaphysical Coach or Counselor is then to facilitate Spiritual Growth and insight in the Universal Principles that governs our quest and life journey. A Metaphysical and Spiritual Teacher strives to connect the client with their own “Inner Light” and wisdom. Metaphysics explores who you are within your own reality, the dynamics that influence your current relationships, and reveals why sometimes you feel life is not working and what you can do to resolve it. By expanding our consciousness of the way that I perceive life and handle situations - old conditioned and habitual mindsets give way to the possibility to rewrite your own life-story. By taking full responsibility for your thoughts; your emotions and feelings is integrated with the real self; so as to preserve and facilitate personal development and spiritual advancement.

The Benefits and Purpose of Metaphysical Treatments.

Preliminary to the study of Spiritual Directing, or Metaphysical Counseling is a knowledge of all forms of prayer: vocal (affirmations and declarations of faith), mental (visualisation and contemplation), affective (ceremonies, celebrations, fasting, and supplications), and the prayer of simplicity (acts of kindness and service). Prayer is often called active or acquired contemplation to distinguish it from passive or higher contemplation, in which mystical union really consists.Metaphysical Coaching promote:

Self Awareness and Growth. Treatments explore who we are in our own reality, and help to gain true understanding of inner drives, underlying believes, and needs in our interaction with other people and within the environment. By understanding the dynamics that influences our relationships, financial and physical life-patterns, it enables us to evaluate why things are not working, and how to resolve it.

Control of the Mind. By expanding our consciousness and the way we perceive life, it enables us to resolve conditioned or habitual patterns, and take full responsibility for thoughts, feelings and emotions in the integration of self; in a transformational life-story. The method used to e.g. quiet the mind-chatter through techniques like meditation or visualization exercises, helps the “inner mind” to illuminate the manifestation of your life purpose.

Energy Perception. True perception is an understanding of the vibrational quality of the creative forces that works in our lives. Correct perception & understanding of the phenomena awakens a spiritual awareness and conscious lifestyle. These energy patterns reveals any disharmony that may exist in our physical being that will manifest as disease. True perception and correct knowledge will advance one’s Spiritual and Psychological healing as we deal with the underlying sub-conscious roots.

Intuitive Development. The ability to fine-tune our “inner” communication with the “higher self” expand the perception of our Universal Oneness. Intuitive development trains and refines our spiritual gifts as tools which we can use to serve higher purposes, for guidance in daily living, and in communication with Divine Intelligence. It makes us more aware of our personal responsibilities to ourselves and those around us in the correct use of your mental faculties as a resources to use for the greater good.

The Meaning of "Anam Cara" refers to the Celtic spiritual belief of souls connecting and bonding. In Celtic Spiritual tradition, it is believed that the soul radiates all about the physical body, what some refer to as an aura. When you connect with another person and become completely open and trusting with that individual, your two souls begin to flow together. Should such a deep bond be formed, it is said you have found your Anam Cara or soul friend. Your Anam Cara always accepts you as you truly are, holding you in beauty and light. In order to appreciate this relationship, you must first recognize your own inner light and beauty. This is not always easy to do. The Celts believed that forming an Anam Cara friendship would help you to awaken your awareness of your own nature and experience the joys of others. When you are blessed with an anam cara, the Irish believe, you have arrived at that most sacred place: home."

(For more details see: Anam_Cara)


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