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You know what you really desire and want out of life. We all would love to accomplish more in life, achieve our goals and dreams, to move forward, and long for change, growth and progress. Sometimes life gets complicated and we face challenges to help us transition through phases into greater possibilities. For some, these transitions may feel overwhelming, and end up making you feel incompetent, disillusioned, and fearful of progress. And different forces can be at play in our mind and lives that keep us stuck in the endless cycle of stress, procrastination, and even despair, as we get caught-up in our own dramas. Maybe you just need some guidance, a new perspective, encouragement, or a mentor to facilitate your transition. But there is no better time than the present to start thinking about where you’re heading in life and how you are going to get there. You are in control of your destiny, and it all starts with perception, understanding that your mindset has the power to alter your reality. And by strategically implementing the secret underlying principles that govern the Universe - everything changes. Transformational Coaching, Spiritual Mentoring and Consciousness Training, can to take personal development to the next level. Your Transformation Journey begins here, right now.

Hi there, I am Dr Martin Brits, director of Meta-Life Coaching, and I am here to make you an incredible offer to provide you with solutions that will inspire you to live the life of your dreams. You deserve a fulfilling life, one that has meaning and is full of purpose. I am here to walk this path together with you by providing a safe space for you to explore your dreams, hopes, beliefs and feelings, behavioural patterns, and underlying motives without judgement? You can find more about my background and the work I do on the next page, About-us. As you keep reading, you will discover the keys and solutions I have found that will help you unlock opportunities for growth, healing, and happiness. So you are invited to go beyond dreams, and accelerate your human capacity, embrace your spiritual potential. Life has purpose! Find it - Live it. 

Inclusive Services Offered

The Services of Meta-Life Coaching is supported by the following core functions.

Personal Dialogue.

Transformational Life-Coaching, Consultation & Online Counseling, Workshops for Personal Mastery.

Interactive Mentorship.

Spiritual Direction; Guidance, Spiritual Development Programs, 
Life Enrichment, and Mentorship.


Higher Education Opportunities: Alternative Accelerated Learning, and Academic Mentoring.

Social Action.

Social Development; Consultancy for Change Initiatives, and Change Agent Incubation Programmes.
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Our Major Clients


  • People in Transition - Are you through or want to make changes to your Job & Career, Relationships, struggling to make Health or Life-Style Adjustments, desire to grow Spiritually and seek a new Life Orientation, or want to break Addictions.

  • People feeling Stuck - Desperate, feeling lost and without direction, asking - What's next, and what is life saying to me?

  • People Seeking Answers - On a Quest to find Meaning and Purpose for their lives.

  • Decision Makers - Students of Life, Though Leaders & Social Entrepreneurs, and Social Change Agents, that want to move to the next level, and implement ideas that can add value. 

  • People in Need of Counsel - For those who struggle and need support, Breaking the cycle of Abuse, War Veterans and Victims of Trauma that battle with PTSD, For Holistic Healing and Integrated Spiritual Support, Spiritual Direction and Transpersonal Therapy.

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   For more Information on Rates and Appointments:

    Office @ Hatton Estates, Pinetown, KZN, South Africa.

    E-mail:  info@metalifecoaching.co.za, 

    Cell. 073 439 9060.

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