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You know what you really desire and want out of life. Maybe you just need some guidance, new perspective, encouragement, or a mentor to facilitate your transition towards your next great achievement. Here is the good news, there is no better time than the present to start thinking about where you’re heading in life and how you are going to get there. We got the assistance you need. I am making you an incredible offer to provide you with solutions that will inspire you to live the life of your dreams. Keep reading and you will find the ideal opportunity that awaits your journey with Meta-Life Transformational Coaching as we help you to discover the keys that will unlock your quest.

    Wouldn't you just love to feel this way ....

¨      Why am I so happy in my relationships and my love-life so meaningful?

¨      Why is everything going right for me and the unexpected good following me?

¨      Why am I so successful in my business, work and finances?

¨      Why do I have so much clarity of purpose and direction for my life?

¨      Why do I feel so connected, as if God is here with me and Spirit is so real?  

    Yes - In spite of the Challenges people face today ... (read below).

     You CAN experience YOUR life in this way too ! 

    This is how we can help You?

¨      You can experience a breakthrough in every area of your life!

¨      Let’s turn your greatest doubt and fear into success and personal triumph.

¨      You can manifest everything your heart desires, and claim the life of your dreams!

¨      An Empowering Experience that will Enlighten and Elevate your life.

¨      Take control of your life and Discover your greatest Potential. 

      See Testimonies below - What Other People Say.

  Services We Provide:


You too, can have the benefit of the foremost transformational methods and modalities that will propel your life to the next level and beyond.

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Leadership Development Consultation & Transformational Coaching Services.

Guiding you towards Purposeful Transformation & Growth 

       Challenges people face today …

  • Finding Purpose and Significance in Life – when you don’t know what to live for.
  • Finding value in what we do and Attracting what we want into our lives.
  • Time Management - to much to be done and no time to relax.
  • Lifestyle – how to harmonize Health, Family, Work and Spiritual Practices.
  • Loss of Individuality and choice among dictates of our time.
  • Loneliness – Finding Meaningful Social Relations.
  • Finding Spiritual Guidance in a world of conflicting paradoxes.
  • Stepping out, letting go of pain and learning to trust and love again.

Experience a transition, both at work and at home

Life is short – Make it count. What are you prepared to invest towards your own success and happiness. This might just be the Universe bringing you the opportunity you have asked for and if you don’t take advantage of it, you may never get this opportunity again.

     Our Major Clients are:

  • People in Transition - Jobs & Career, Relationships, Spiritual Growth & Orientation, Health Adjustments or Breaking Addiction.
  • People feeling Stuck - Desperate, feeling lost and without direction, asking - What's next, and what is life saying to me?
  • People Seeking Answers - On a Quest to find meaning and purpose for their lives.
  • Decision Makers - Students of Life, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Social Change Agents. 
  • People in Need of Counsel - For Holistic Healing and Integrated Spiritual Support.

                                                   Testimonies: What Other People Say.

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      For more Information on our Rates and for Appointments:

     Office @ Hatton Estates, Pinetown, KZN, South Africa.

      Postal:  PostNet Suite 109, Private Bag X817, New Germany, 3620.   

      E-mail:,  Cell. 073 439 9060,  Fax. 086 234 3600

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