Workshops and Short-Courses for Personal Development.

It is said, "In the stories you tell in the actions you take, you seek to be who you are". (Mythic Sage).

Why is Personal development so important, and what is all the fuss about Life-Skills Training, Life-Improvement Workshops, and Personal Growth? We can attempt to improve a the exterior features of a house, but only when we rework the space and atmosphere created by the exterior shell – will a structure functions as a home. It is imperative to improve skills and abilities, knowledge to move ahead in life, but ultimately it is the relationship you have with yourself and your interaction with your environment that determines your altitude, happiness, and quality of experience in life. When we live in the stories that are told about you, it fuels the thoughts that mould your destiny and suppress the uniqueness of whom you are. But, what the world needs most is not for you to become someone else’s same old story that repeats the failure of the same old results in an outdated mode of functioning in life. The problem is that we often get lost in the expectations and dictations of family and society. And yet, freedom is being yourself without the need to earn the right to be. So, who are you? And who do you want to become? I want to present to you an opportunity to discover the truth of your soul, and to become again the master of your own destiny. It is time for you to fearlessly move beyond your comfort zone and be courageous enough to walk your truth, own your power, and transform your life from the inside-out. You also, can experience a personal awakening and transformation that is unmatched by anything else.

Truth is that you will never be able to  rewrite your history, but you can definitely change your story about past events and experiences. Even though the past shaped us into whom we became, it is only because we allowed it to define our value and worth. You can have a different story by creating a new meaning for your life now - and that is what the Meta-Life Coaching process do best ... helping people to reinvent their destiny by rewriting, or re-formulating a path wherein you can come alive and be the best you ... the one secretly hidden (suppressed) in the closet and whom you want to be. We are all just afraid of allowing ourselves to be that authentic self. And it doesn't need to be, for you can be happy and successful in life.

How can I change my Life, or improve my Circumstances?

We live in a time of profound radical, whole system change and our understanding of the world is being transformed at an unprecedented evolutionary pace. And the challenge is to remain up to date even with technological advances, but Personal Development incorporates more than life- or vocational-skills to improve your job and inter-personal interaction. What few seem to realize, is that change on a collective level happen due to a spiritual awakening and collective evolution of humanity. Due to subtle changes of perspectives and systems-thinking, our hearts lose track of the meaning of life and our purpose therein. Everyone would like to have an improved life and living circumstances, even when they don't want make any effort to get there. However, any skill or goal obtained may only temporarily improve the quality of your current experience of life and may only provisionally contribute towards your own personal happiness. Personal Development through Life-Coaching and Life-Improvement Courses and Workshops opens a doorway to a life that is both exciting and full of endless opportunities and amazing possibilities as it touches the underlying values that determine the outcomes of the way you live and experience life. 

Personal development is not just about obtaining a vocational skill, or improving social skills and emotional quotient. At a deeper level, it is an opportunity to reclaim your dreams, transform your life, and make a valuable contribution to the world around you. Life will show up for you in exactly the way you expect it. Life is a dream – living is the awakening of whom we truly are. The workshops and short-courses on personal development are intended to help you to be the person that you dream of being. Who you are is a process of creation, and when there are elements that blocks, hinder or limit your progress forward – it is simply a reminder that you are out of sync with time, and the pace the world is evolving and transforming. It is time to reconnect with your authentic self (who and whatever that may be), and to touch again those hidden dreams, ignored aspirations and unexpressed passions. It is never too late to have a happy childhood. For more information on Personal Development and why it is needed, please the following article: Resources.

The following workshops, or short-courses will assist your journey of
personal development, life-enrichment, and spiritual growth (formation).

“Live Your Truth” - Personal Mastery Workshop.

When your life seems to look good on the outside, but on the inside … it just doesn't feel right? And somehow, you’re afraid to break away and take the next step in life.

 So you think … what will they say? How will I survive? I’m faced with a Dark Night of my Soul. I feel so stuck, and directionless without any solution? When storms in life threaten our authentic existence, dreams are like sand castles that get blown away. In times of trouble, what remain secure at the center of your being, is the Essence of your Innocence and Greatness. Don’t give up! Here is your chance to find your inner truth. It will unlock the boldness in you to express your Truth & Create a New Life Experience. Who do you want to be in this world? Where are you now, and where do, you want to be? The secret to a meaningful life happens from the inside out. Could it really be possible that your thoughts, feelings, and experiences of life can be completely transformed in just a few weeks…?  The answer is YES! This Radical Personal Growth & Spiritual Awakening workshop is not about changing, or trying to fix you. The intensive workshop experience will give you information and guide you in expanding your perception of human potential and add value to your life. For more information and course details, please visit the page on, Live Your Truth

Benefits: What will this course / workshop do for you?

The short course will help you to understand your authentic self, who you are and what you are meant to be “Spiritually”. It cultivate the ability to live mindful of every moment and to enjoy and experience life to the full. Help you to develop your critical thinking skills to make effective decisions about the things that affects and shape your life. Gives you back autonomy of your life to ensure that you are no longer a victim of circumstances. The course will help you to set clear and achievable goals.

Duration and Cost. 

 The course is only presented as intensive workshop over 5 working days for a small study group / corporate team building, upon special request. The course is normally offered as blended learning experience over twelve weekly sessions. Practical homework will be given throughout the course to ensure deep integration and application of self-reflection and growth. The training facilitation meetings will be conducted online, or at our venue in Pinetown. Please inquire for more information.

Cost; R 4800, inclusive of notes.

Find Your Wings & Fly.

When people who live in alignment with their purpose in life talk, their eyes widen and sparkle. Their words make you feel inspired and enthusiastic, wishing that you too, could have that experience. We can say they are passionate. They just happen to make their dreams come true, even when difficulties arises. Building meaning around passion in your life, gives you the wings that will make you rise above circumstances.

Life has meaning and purpose, and you are here for a reason. What do you dream of doing in the ideal kind of life?

Being in-tune with your passions and purpose in life, gives you clarity and vision, a destination that guides the journey ahead.

  On the other hand, there is another group of people who are unaware of their unique gifts, their calling, and the value it brings to life. Disconnected from their purpose, they content themselves with what is within their reach and are often negatively orientated, fueled with complaints, and dissatisfaction. When the activities of life revolve around survival, and striving to obtain a better something … soon the inner fire and zest for the dream dwindles and fades away. But You – You need to break out of that mould, and stretch your wings and fly.  This workshop will help you: Understand what motivates and inspires you to be who you are and do what you do. And, it will ignite those passions in your heart and find what it is you love to do. There is a dream that is tugging at your heart and you are not quite sure what it is or how it will unfold yet. You know that something needs to change – you need to find your wings again, and yearn to fly. And there remains the sacred call - for you alone can take that significant step, so don’t wait any longer, reserve your seat now.

Dates and Cost.

The workshop is presented on selected Saturdays throughout the year, starting at 9 am – 5 pm.  
Cost:  R 850 p/p. Costs Includes notes, and finger meal, with coffee & tea provided.

Soul Dynamics and Archetypes Workshop:

An Inner Journey through the Character & Structure of your Soul.

“The wise men understood that this natural world, is only an image and a copy of paradise. It’s existence is simply a guarantee that there exists … a world that is perfect”   (Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist).

An Archetype is an energetic pattern or influence on behavior. It explains who you are, what you identify with, and how you engage with the world around you. It explains why you are drawn to certain people and display certain patterns of behavior. Archetypes help us understand the subconscious and subtle aspects of our unique identity and choices, to discover your true nature and personal stumbling blocks. It clarifies what motivates and inspires you to be who you are. Since the interactive relationship with your life purpose is embodied in a support system of a small group of Archetypes, they are personalized as part of the individuals own psyche. Connecting with your Archetypal Orientation in life, gives you direction in relationships, towards job decisions, your spiritual orientation and meaningful contribution to life. Viewed through the personal heart (vision), the Archetypes are close companions and guides. An intuitive reading and Archetypal Analysis can be made once selection and the group is placed in the relative fields, or houses of your life representing different influential concerns, is complete. Please inquire for more information, or visit our page on "Archetypes."

Dates and Time:  (Please inquire for dates).

The two-day Workshop is presented on scheduled weekends at the Office of Meta-Life Coaching.
Cost: R 1650 inclusive of notes. Personal Reading and Analysis of layout offered on appointment at R 650 / 3 hr.

The “Fundamentals of Meditation”

A Two-day workshop on

the Art and Practice of Meditation

The Meditation training workshop in “The Art and Practice of Meditation” is part of the Transformation and Consciousness Incubation Program, offered by the Meta-Life Coaching, training process. This workshop is the perfect answer for the ever popular demand on information and practical training in the fundamental skills of Meditation. Through the workshop you will find the correlation between Mind and Body that will enable your Spiritual Awareness to expand and your’ Mind to achieve its full potential. This introductory course is designed to teach you the techniques that will enhance and empower your spiritual-life through the Practice of Meditation. It consist of a 2-Day experiential practical workshop that introduce the basic theory of Meditation and focus on the practical application of Techniques that will enable you to experience enhance states of consciousness and gain all the tools needed as skillful practitioner. The techniques can be applied in the privacy of your own home without the necessity of Master Teachers to guide you through the Process. The full module, is available through distance education and explores advance theory and practice of the various techniques used in Meditation throughout the World.

 Dates and Time & Cost: 

The two-day workshop is presented on weekends. Please inquire for dates.

Venue: Office of Meta-Life Coaching, in Pinetown, KZN.

Cost: R 1650 inclusive of notes. Guided Meditation CD available for participants at R 60, during workshops.

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