Spirit Director Certification

Specialisation Programme in the Art and Practice of Spiritual Direction.

Spiritual Direction is a ministry in which the Spirit Director, helps another person, become aware of God's self-communication, and guide them to live out the gift of that relationship. Spiritual Direction is concerned with facilitating a person's growth and intimacy with God, which leads to a proper relationship with all of creation. This programme will develop mature ministers to effectively function in the art and science of spiritual mentoring through the supervised practice of Spiritual Direction. We do welcome people from diverse faiths, yet the program is rooted in the Christian tradition. The programme is a stringent one-year course unit (full time equivalent), but is available as a self-paced interactive part time study, presented as blended online-learning or distance-education through a modular course system. The programme, presented at post graduate level, aims to provide the ministry professional with an advanced understanding of affording Divine Guidance and Directing the Spiritual Formation of believers, within the ministry context as specialist professional vocation.

The programme includes ongoing online engagement for Personal Spiritual Direction and Formation, with an intensive on Personal Development and the Practice of Spiritual Disciplines and Exercises. The developmental programme also incorporate research theory and a project that will prepare the participant for further formal academic training.  


Spiritual Direction: R 3 000 per Module, and one practical retreat at R 4 500, plus accommodation. (Final prices for workshops and retreats to be announced, pending on venue availability and size of group). This programme is accredited towards a post-graduate academic qualifications. For more details, please inquire.

The Five Core Modules:

The content of the theoretical, practical, and interactive sessions includes the following components.

  • Philosophy of Spirituality & Spiritual Direction. 
  • Psychology of Religion.
  • Spiritual Formation and Approach to Spiritual Education.
  • Introduction to Contemporary Approaches to Spirituality.
  • Introduction and Theory on Research Proposals.

The Practical Retreat: 

The Practical Retreat is part of the Core requirement and include individual Spiritual Directing sessions, and supervisory practical sessions covering the following areas of focus:

  • Counselling Basics and Coaching Essentials, and
  • The Process of Spirit Directing with Practical Sessions
  • Supervision of Spiritual Direction and Guidelines for Ethical Conduct. 

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