Life-Coaching * Conversations for Transformation.

Imagine, really knowing what you want, how to go about getting there, and the confidence to do it .

Life-Coaching assists in that transition. It clarifies strategies and builds competence

to take control and transform your life.

Our Personal Mastery processes is an Empowering Experience that will Enlighten, and Elevate your life.

  What is Transformative Life-Coaching?

Life-Coaching, as tool for personal enrichment and guidance counseling, is a solution-focused approach to people capacity development that empower you to make lasting change in all areas of your life. Transformational Coaching, further assist people to make a transition from a current limiting position, and perspective, towards an more inspired authentic experience of life. The Transformative Learning experience embodies direction, guidance, and motivation for life when dreams merge with your authentic self, and solutions arise to overcome any limiting event or decision.

Traditional models of Coaching involves actions, the "DO" in order to "BE" - setting goals, creating new habits, accountability, and getting things done. Rather than trying to obtain short term instant results, the process enable people to coach their own thinking and performance to get different long-term outcomes by changing the underlying causes, and embracing alternative solutions. The Transformations Coaching approach models "Beingness," to encourage authentic expression of who you are, as defined in what and how you express your passion and uniqueness.

So faced with the inevitable, unable to climb on a plane and fly-off to your ideal utopia away from the problems we face in society - Meta-Life Coaching offers various solutions to empower you with the tools needed to be the change you want to see in the world. Read further to find how you can experience this process as well.

 Why hire a Transformations Life-Coach?

Personal development is about your own growth, your knowledge, your perspectives, or abilities, it is about moving beyond who you were and stretching to new delights beyond yesterday’s limitations. People pursue personal development as a means to what is considered becoming 'better' in their lives, in some regard. Just a few things you might achieve by cultivating your personal growth are: Being more organized, or kinder, happier, more peaceful, understanding, more mindful, more confident, more loving, more effective at work, healthier, or more successful financially. The most important aspects of self-development are, however, based on the non-physical aspects of our being. Delving into and expanding intellectually, emotionally, and in spiritual understanding, naturally transcends into the physical - as our mental and spiritual lives develop, those changes naturally reflect in the physical expression of our lives. Transformations-Coaching helps you focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. Your Meta-Life Coach will guide and inspire you to realize and bring about lasting change and prioritize what is important. One of the key questions faced by many are whether they are happy with who, where, and what you are? For more about our Personal and Spiritual Development process, please see: Live Your Truth.

 “The successful man will profit from his mistakes and try again in a different way.” (Dale Carnegie).

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  The Purpose of Personal-Development and Life-Coaching.

Although the broadest definition of personal development encompasses improvement in every area of your life, Life-Coaching helps people to find and follow impetus in their careers and personal lives to become what they dream to be. You may be more interested and focused on just some of these areas:

1.  Intellectual life - mental processes, and education

2.  Emotional life happiness, peacefulness and other emotions tied in with your thoughts and Understandings,

3.  Spiritual life experience of life transcending the physical, and ascending higher vibrations,

4.  Social life - relationships and community

5.  Career expressing yourself through your work and contributing to society

6.  Health and fitness physical well-being.

The Transformative process through Conversations for Transformation, will further assist you

*  To focus on what you want rather than what you don't want,

*  To define your outcomes and ensure that they do happen,

*  To really understand and prioritize what is important to you about your life, business or career,

*  To move from where you are now in your life, relationships, or career to where you want to be,

*  To think differently about yourself and your meaning and purpose in life, and to see your business in a new way,

*  To build self-esteem, be self-motivated with integrity, and achieve personal mastery,

*  To build personal competency, acquire needed skills and build confidence to succeed in life.

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Only vision with action can change the world.” (Joel A. Barker). You too, can have the benefit of the foremost transformational methods and modalities that will propel your life to the next level and beyond, it is an invitation to follow the call and act now.

  Consultation Fees for Sessions.

Please note, listed is the new fee-scale for 2019. *All prices include VAT. Prices can change without prior notice.
Listed prices are for South African based consultations. Please inquire on International rates for online services.
Please read more on our approach to Consultation, and costs of Coaching Sessions explained on the Coaching-Fees page

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Procedures for Booking.

(All Life-Coaching and Consulting).

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2. Complete the Online Questionnaire, or assessment form provided.

> Select a Program package.

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3. Receive email with recommendation and schedule.

4. Post (E-mail) Registration confirmation, and Payment Deposit.

5. Receive Appointment Confirmation and process description.

6. Proceed with Sessions.

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