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Please note: Our Office has moved
Office situated @ Hatton Estate, Pinetown,
Central Pinetown, KZN, 3610, South Africa
Contact us at +27 (0)73 439 9060 or Fax: 086 234 3600.

Network Referral Directory.

CCSA; The Council for Counsellors in SA

Is a non profitable organization serving as professional register for counsellors from the following ranks: Socio-Therapeutic Counsellors; Ethno-Medical Counsellors; Pastoral and Spiritual Counsellors; Life-Style Coaches. The Council was founded to make provision for the professional recognition of counsellors who are not psychologist.

For more information visit:

The correct contact details are: Tel: 082 907 4327   Fax: 086 632 5232 

E-mail:  or

THASA: The Healing Association of Southern Africa

The Holstead, centre of Metaphysical learning and practice; is the headquarters of The Healing Association of Southern Africa [THASA] and the home of the Link-up KwaZulu Natal newsletter. It houses full time Healers, Stress Therapists and other complementary health therapists. It has a Library and is a Venue for Healing evenings, Meditation groups and Public speakers.

For more information visit 

Office Tel. 031 2093872, or Email:

Body and Mind - Natural Health Directory @  

Body and Mind promotes people who offer a variety of complementary therapies and products from aromatherapy to Zen Meditation. Our aim is to help people to maintain a complete state of wellness through the integration of health, lifestyle and beauty. On this site you will find a countrywide directory of complementary health professionals and an online shopping facility where you can purchase products to improve your health and promote a feeling of well-being.

Healthy Choice: Holistic Healing Centre, Cape Town.
Healthy Choice was established in Cape Town in 2005 by Markus van der Westhuizen and offers clients a wide range of health and alternative healing treatments and training as well as the opportunity to network with other healing facilitators in South Africa. Housing healing treatments and esoteric teachings under one roof, Healthy Choice aims to create a positive, lasting change in the lives of clients, regardless of their religious and esoteric knowledge.
To Lear more about Healthy Choice visit:
Markus van der Westhuizen.

Markus is the Administrator to the Reiki Master’s Association of South Africa and established and co-ordinates an Interactive Social Network for Reiki Practitioners, where you can find a list of Reiki Practitioners and Teachers in your area.

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