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To be a vehicle for Integrative Spiritual Development and Social Transformation by creating a holistic sustainable modality that delivers quality Coaching, Training, and Mentoring Services which inspires, promotes and supports well-being and respect for all beings, and the environment.

Precognition: As your Meta-Life Coach, I dream of a brighter future for all living beings, and believe in a life that has meaning and purpose. It is my vision to foster a New Earth Social Network of Change Leaders and Agents that can impart healthy and humane perspectives of consciousness in the way we live and do business. To be a vehicle for integrative Spiritual Development and Social Transformation, by creating a holistic sustainable modality that delivers quality Life-Coaching, Training, and Mentoring Services, which can inspire, promote and support well-being and respect for all beings, and the environment.

It is my objective to engage, empower, and orchestrate transformative leaders to be the cause of change, creating a social artistry for a new humanity. The goal of Meta-Life Coaching is to equip people to take charge of their lives, and to re-awaken their optimum potential in facilitating a shift in consciousness that promotes wellness and growth for all beings and their environment. In assisting people to overcome difficulties in their lives, it revitalizes hope and stimulates the individuals potential to reach their dreams.

Mission: To guide people through Transitions, and build their human capacity utilizing a Transformative Consultation, or reflective learning process that fosters Integrative Spiritual Development and Social Entrepreneurship.

      Meet your Mentor & Coach.  

The Meta-Life Coaching; Training and Mentoring services are provided by Dr. Martin Brits, a Leadership & People Development Consultant, Transformations Life-Coach, Spiritual Director, and Independent Education Consultant based in Pinetown, South Africa. As Personal and Spiritual Development Consultant, Dr. Brits offered Counseling and Life-Coaching Workshops from 2005 as Affinity4Life, and since 2012 as Director of the Meta-Life Institute.

Committed to the process of Social Development and Human Empowerment, he previously served as Ordained Minister and Director of various Counseling and Cross-Cultural Training initiatives for Missionaries, with extensive experience in Leadership Development. Dr Brits is also ISNS Certified as Meta-NLP Practitioner/Coach, and specialized in various Alternative and Complimentary Health,  an experienced Workshop Facilitator, and Catalyst for Change. Dr Brits served on various National and International Leadership Fraternal and Ministry Councils.

Dr. Brits holds degrees in Architecture (Building Arts), Christian Ministry and obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education, Master’s degree in Religious Education, and a Doctorate of Divinity specializing in Spiritual Direction.

Martin, also managed an Architectural Practice for more than 18 years with extensive experience in Property Development and Project Management. He has a vast experience in Architectural & Interior Design, specializing in Hospitality, and has been Mentoring Building Contractors for many years.

     Background: My Story.

One of the keys to a fulfilling life is the understanding of your purpose and living a life with meaning. My own search for significance has led me in the creation of the dynamic, Personal Mastery and Spiritual growth courses to share the secrets I have found, and ways to re-structure an empowered existence. You’ve got a new story to write, and it looks nothing like your past! What turned my life inside-out, was the willingness to confront the pain experienced when we objectify role models of traditions and customs that is in conflict with your internal yearning. I gave myself permission to be authentic and follow my dreams – and it is not too difficult when you have quality guidance and open-minded mentors. I am blessed as Mystic, with higher guidance mentoring me since childhood – which, unfortunately is often misaligned with how the world system functions. Yet, Life (the Universe) is always guiding you to a life of purpose, and it is my intention to share the tools needed for you to be happy again. And from the benefit you receive, it is my hope that, one-by-one, we will share ourselves with the world until it is transformed for the better. I have found my passion, and so can you. 

Being involved with grassroots community development, has given me deeper insight towards the tremendous gap that exist in people’s personal mechanisms for survival and real life opportunities for growth in society. Yet, in regular “Conversations for Transformation” with my trusted spiritual mentors, soon my dreams were realized. My perspectives and academic career changed, giving me hope for endless possibilities, and a Vision for a New Earth Society was birthed. The journey that begun took me through life-changing encounters that offered me the opportunity to either apply my learning's and grow, or chose to remain ignorantly asleep and miss the adventure of a lifetime. My story taught me that it is never too late for any person to redirect their lives. So, faced with the inevitable, unable to fly to an ideal utopia to hide from difficulties – challenges force us to question what we can do to bring about transformation. To state the difference we desire and the reasons why we want a particular change to occur. The tools and course offered through Meta-Life Coaching will help you to be the change you want to see in the World. Please visit our Training and Development page to find how you can be part of this process as well. 

It is said that, “in the stories you tell and in the actions you take, you seek to be who you are” (Mythic Sage). Listen to my Interview on Empire Radio. 

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