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Our Vision

To be a vehicle for Integrative Spiritual Development and Social Transformation by creating a holistic sustainable modality that delivers quality Coaching, Training, and Mentoring Services which inspires, promotes and supports well-being and respect for all beings, and the environment.

      Our Company.  

The Meta-Life Institute (Pty) Ltd, (Trading as: Meta-Life Coaching), is situated in Pinetown as a leading provider of Coaching and Mentoring Services in KZN, Committed to the process of Social Development and Human Empowerment. The company specializes in Leadership Development & Transformational Coaching, providing Spiritual Directing, and Mentoring Integrative Holistic Spiritual Training.

The Institute assist individuals to transform ideas into workable solutions that support their Life-Purpose and attain their full human capacity and personal success. Working with leaders in various fields, we utilize a Spiritual approach to bring about Transformation in the World, creating a New Earth Social Network of Change Agents and Leaders that impart New Perspectives and Consciousness in the way their lives and businesses operates. Meta-Life Institute provide the following Services.

• Transformational Life-Coaching and Counselling Services
• Consultancy: Spiritual Directing and Personal Development.
• Leadership Mentoring and Employment Assistance Programmes.
• Life-Enrichment and Personal Growth Courses / Workshops.
• Integrative Spiritual Training and Holistic Healing Services.
• Entrepreneurial Incubation Programme focussing on Social Development.

Whatever we do will be governed by this Mission:
 “How can we bring about transformation, and cause higher consciousness (in people's perceptions and orientation to life), and through that to cause a ripple effect in preparation of a better world for our children’s children.

     Background: Social Transformation and the Services Provided.

Being involved with grassroots Community Development Projects in the past, has given us deeper insight towards the tremendous gap that exists between mechanisms towards survival, and the constant dependency on Organisational input and Leadership motivation to implement skills imparted. We believe there is more ways to bring about effective social transformation on primary level as well as within corporate structures. We can create a better world for our children to live in and there is no need to remain entrenched in a social defragmented disorganisation of wealth and development. This may entail further impartation of specific skills and academic training to individuals to be more effective in the execution of their passion and mission in life, in order to bring about upliftment to our living environments. Transformative learning is more than a shift in one’s thought, it is a shift in consciousness itself, and that’s what we are passionate about in life.

A Transformative approach: Successful transformation requires knowledge of how individuals and groups respond to change. Our approach to Individual Coaching, and Mentoring Transformative Leadership, covers all the stages of change management - assessment, product or process design and evaluation, and delivery of customized interventions that empower our clients to become more successful in their endeavours. Experience has proved that the inner orientation of the leader and the worker produce the results they attract to themselves, as well as the results they deliver as collective business. Regardless of what industry or enterprise you work in or what role you perform in society, or your organization, everyone can benefit from the services offered at the Institute. Working with individuals in personal development, we realize the tedious task of trying to influence beneficial change in motivating individuals to reach their full potential, one by one. Extraordinary results can be more expedient and effective in equipping and by facilitating positive change in the perspectives and orientation of leaders in influential positions. And then with them again to be that “cause of change” that triggers development in the lives of their subordinates.

We use tried and tested methods to activate people’s potential and enable them to deal with their present and through this process to transform their future reality. Therefore, when developing and delivering our services, we:

  • focus on developing a solution that fits our specific client instead of offering ready-made solutions
  • work with tried and tested methods, yet are not ‘married’ to a method – we find out what the client really needs and design coaching or mentoring interventions accordingly
  • focus on developing and strengthening the client’s autonomy and self-reliance: being on a par, and acting on equal terms are fundamental to our interaction with our clients.

      Company Strategic Objectives.

When Entrepreneurs and Innovative Leaders in their Industry are in a current disadvantaged position, but desire to grow, pursue their dreams, and seek opportunities to influence the world – We can help. We Coach, and Empower young Entrepreneurs and Mentor Change Agents to use their passions and dreams to create a new and better world. We empower our clients to use those Dreams and Passions to again create career opportunities for others, to facilitate the birth of the New Earth that support an interdependent and united society where we each contribute to the success of another. “Those who are fired with an enthusiastic idea and who allow it to take hold and to dominate their thoughts, find that new worlds open for them. As long as enthusiasm holds out, so will new opportunities.” (Norman Vincent Peale). We therefore Infuse, Empower and Establish young Entrepreneurial Leaders as Change Agents in a Social Artistry.

Many companies have inspired their management and employees to attend the Personal Mastery Programmes offered by the Meta-Life Institution, and these Organizations have profited from increased integrity and productivity in their workplace. The benefits experienced by participants and businesses who attend our training workshops include;

  •     Increased self-directed productivity and responsibility.
  •    Self-motivation and greater job satisfaction, and sense of purpose.
  •    Improved inter office relationships, interactive communication, and authentic individuals.
  •    An improved Lifestyle of well-being, both at work and at home

The programmes and services offered by ‘Meta-Life institute’® is an experience that engages the individual on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Self-Development also impacts the quality of individual’ lives by inspiring them to live with true integrity and responsibility which becomes evident in the workplace. The author Gary Zukav suggest: “Your decision to evolve consciously through responsible choice contributes not only to your own evolution, but also to the evolution of all of those aspects of humanity in which you participate. It is not just you that is evolving through your decisions, but the entirety of humanity.” It is therefore our companies aim:

  • To raise a generation that can take care of themselves (Self-Sustainable Interdependence), to develop communities of human endeavour, rather than the pursuit of profit.
  • To raise a new generation (tribe), with a different orientation towards life as spirit beings, having a human experience – that understand the role of belief in their lives and relationships.
  • To be a healing presence in the world that counter-act the destructive mechanisms of greed and segregation.

     Philosophy and Core Values.

We support a community that is willing to accept our help, through hard work from our side and by accepting our true and honest information and experience that can uplift their lives – we strengthen the community through “UBUNTU”, working together as one. We will guide impartially and impart life skills that will allow people to grow from strength to strength to reduce poverty and improve equality - so that society will benefit as well.

Why should you dream if those ideals won’t have the ability to come true? No dream should ever go to waste. The greatest thing about dreams is that they have the potential to come true … yet only if you want it to and do something about it. So don’t just dream and exist in a fairy-tale, create it. “Whatever you can do, or dream, you can begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” (Goethe).

Our products and services is made available specifically to service the needs of our clients (stakeholders). High priority is given to technology and quality of delivery, utilising updated research information, equipment and products that is ergonomically responsible.

Because our efficiency depends on high ethical values and concern for our clients, as well as our own personnel, business partners and contractors used - we encourage career growth as life-long learning, and skills-development, in an effort to produce a higher quality of product and service towards customer satisfaction.

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