Consciousness Training and Social Transformation .

Programme Overview (Purpose).

We live in a time of profound radical, whole system change and our understanding of the world is being transformed at an unprecedented evolutionary pace. There is a growing consensus among spiritual scholars, scientists, health-care practitioners and visionaries, that we find ourselves on the cusp of a quantum leap into a new cycle of evolutionary consciousness. We are being called to weave together a new orientation in academic studies that integrate personal development and spiritual growth. It is no coincidence that you have been guided here today, it is time, and you know it! It is time for you to fearlessly move beyond your comfort zone and be courageous enough to walk your truth, own your power, and transform your life from the inside-out. Transformative Leaders have a passion for creating positive change in the world. The complexities entailed require a new kind of change agent, one who works from the inside out and has developed the personal capacities required for the complex demands of effective leaders to initiate change. This has given birth to the development of in-house training program offered as extension of our Transformational Coaching services. The courses offered aim to equip spiritual seekers and transformational leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to implement consciousness principles, “To ‘be the change you want to see within the world’. We aspire to providing our students with the ‘seeds’ that will awaken their greatest passions, ignite their highest aspirations and skills needed to transcend any perceived limitations. If you are ready to embrace and catapult yourself into co-creating a conscious New Earth … then I invite you to join one of our upcoming courses and start the journey of Personal Transformation with a Spiritual Orientation to life.

“Our limitations and success will be based, most often, on your own expectations

for ourselves. What the mind dwells upon, the body acts upon.” (Denis Waitley).

Short Courses in Personal Development and Consciousness Training.

Our “Transformation and Consciousness Incubation Programme, has been created for individuals who want to take the initiative and find ways to express their passion for making a contribution to the world. A spiritual orientation towards life centres on consciousness of the internal drives in your life, and the meaning of experiences in the school of life that ultimately leads man back to his Creator. Let’s start by explaining what you will study and what you will acquire through the studies. Transformation aligns with the foundational premise that the whole lies, not within any particular concept, but within the aggregate of self-discovery and spiritual-development. From this inner transformation emerges a renewed approach grounded in a holistic understanding of our world and our role as human beings. This study programme brings the attention of the student to an underlying unity that exists in the Universe. This Field of Consciousness can be experienced through various spiritual rituals and practices to train the mind to obtain a greater awareness of a “Mystical Existence” that are responsive and interactive with human thinking.

Learning is a lifetime activity, here are levels of learning as well as kinds of learning. Learning is experiential and to learn requires practice. Spiritual and occupational experiences provide learning that is perhaps even more valid, than traditional campus-confined, classroom-based instruction, and this life-learning can be accurately and responsibly measured for its academic equivalency. Traditional systems of education are sometime too restrictive for many spiritual-focused people. The Programme comprises various courses (modules), that primarily strengthens individual spiritual awareness and bring about a personal awakening towards the fulfilment of your life purpose and value contribution towards Society. Although it entails academic definitions, the modules are structured around basic and experiential concepts. Personal Mastery involves a holistic approach that incorporates Spiritual and Psychological principles, a correct understanding of Mystical philosophy and New Thought perspectives The programme is offered as distance education or part-time in the evenings at suitable venues. Practical assignments throughout the courses will insure interaction with learning content and personal participation. The following modules are currently available as part of the spiritual mentoring and training process.

Module 1.        Live Your Truth: Personal Mastery Course, (Entry Level).

Module 2a.      Ontology of the Soul (School of Mystics, level 1).

Module 2b.      Sacred Contracts and Shadow Play.

Module 3a.      Intuitive Development (School of Mystic, level 2).

Module 3b.      The Art and Practice of Meditation, Advanced Course.

Module 1.       Live Your Truth: Personal Mastery Course.

Who do you want to be in this world? Where are you now, and where do, you want to be? The secret to a meaningful life happens from the inside out. Could it really be possible that your thoughts, feelings and experiences of life can be completely transformed in just a few weeks…?  The answer is YES! This Radical Personal Growth & Spiritual Awakening course is not about changing, or trying to fix you. The course will give you information and guide you in expanding your perception of human potential and add value to your life. The holistic approach will awaken a deeper sense of your Purpose in life. Learn to Live your Truth & Create a New Life Experience. This course is ideal for the person seeking answers when life just don’t seem to work. Especially when they are afraid to break away, break out, and take the next step in the transition of their lives. Faced with a Dark Night of the Soul, feeling stuck, and directionless without any solution? When storms in life threaten our authentic existence, dreams are like sand castles that get blown away. Don’t give up! Here is your chance to find your inner truth. Then unlock the boldness to express your dreams and birth the NEW you. You too can experience a breakthrough in every area of your life.

Next Course: Weekly Classes. Cost: R 4800.

You can read more information on Personal Development and the benefits this course provide "here".

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