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Finding Meaning in the Frustrations of Life.
March 2019. Full article at
Often stress from environmental factors gets in the way of inner peace and objectivity. And when the kettle boils over, those who observe your life (the critics), label it as unresolved anger issues, or as a person that is dysfunctional in society instead of offering support and understanding. Anger issues and depression, for example, relate to the feelings that are reflected in the events and circumstances that we attract in our lives and not necessarily your conscious thought. Anger then, cannot occur unless you believe your personhood has been violated. Working with these inner reflections and feelings of discomfort, is to love yourself enough to release conflict and inner turmoil in order to promote peace & harmony in your thoughts, and help you to focus your energy on wholesome activities. So, how do we interpret frustrations and what steps do we take to transform that situation into an empowering situation. Anger issues and depression, for example, relate to the feelings that are reflected in the events and circumstances that we attract in our lives and not necessarily your conscious thought. Let me explain here (link) for some short insights to our conversation.
More than often this reflective process requires assistance, else the real meaning behind these valid feelings of frustration can be lost. We, therefore, need guides that can help disseminating the signals, signs and guidance given by bodily and emotional sensations, and help to strategize steps for moving forward to a more empowered life experience. Today, I want to invite you to step back and get to think about what you really want. So take that step, reflect, and when you need a hand, let’s have a conversation, don’t you think? 

Choose to Say Yes, I said yes to myself, yes to Life.
February 2019. Follow the link to read the full newsletter article.
“Looking at the past [is] only a means of understanding more clearly what and who you are so that they can more wisely build the future” (Paulo Freire).

While life seems to bring about the worst of spiritual challenges, and can cause great distress - we rarely have it all together, and neither do we live fully in touch with our own brokenness. For if we are in touch with the pain of our own betrayals – we will be courageous enough to live louder, risk more, to say yes to life, and invite passion to inspire our hearts to live wild again. We can’t always chose the music life plays for us either, but we can choose how we dance to it, is it not? And we don’t have to be positive all the time for it is perfectly okay to feel frustrated.Now for sure you know what you really desire and want out of life. Maybe you just need some guidance, new perspective, encouragement, or a mentor to facilitate your transition towards your next great achievement. Here is the good news, there is no better time than the present to start thinking about where you’re heading in life and how you are going to get there.

I chose to say yes to life, to every challenge it presents, pain, and joy. I said yes to myself, realizing that it is only in the yearning to give expression of your inner passions and longings that your gift comes alive. You’ve got a new story to write, and it looks nothing like your past! What turned my life inside-out, was the willingness to be authentic and follow my dreams – and it is not too difficult when you have quality guidance and open-minded mentors, and hopefully that is what I can offer to you. Transformations-Coaching helps you to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. One of the key questions faced by many are whether they are happy with who, where, and what you are? So, let’s help you to realize and bring about lasting change, and prioritize what is important for you as well.Looking forward to engage with you soon. Martin. 

Finding New Meaning for Life.
Jan / Feb 2017.  Full Article available at
Life has Meaning; Find it – Live it. This is the purpose of life.
The search for meaning in life is a process of self-improvement.

For some, the beginning of the year moves rapidly into the daily and monthly routine of meeting sales targets, organizing meetings, and conducting business as usual. But for others, the New Year symbolized the possibility of new beginnings, or an improvement over what was. What if our journey on Earth is a unique opportunity of growth and development? Here is an opportunity for you ... you CAN live your dream. Meta-Life Institute has the unique offering that can guide and empower the journey to be fully engaged with every aspects of our beings, whether to integrate values and spiritual aspirations with business goals and objectives, or developing the capabilities to fulfill your aspirations. The Coaching and mentoring services, and educational courses offered is designed to support every individual on their path of transformation and growth. Dreaming, or doing, is a choice that will mean the difference between failure, and success. And you can make a difference by joining us on Facebook in #Conversations_for_Transformation.

Embracing the process of transition is a choice. When life doesn’t seem to be beautiful anymore and if there seems to be no great future for you ... you don’t have to face dilemmas alone – Don’t get stuck there - see the light again and enjoy life. You may be aware of a person that needs to be empowered to again live a life of meaning and greatness. Don’t wait any further - you know you need to speak to someone, so take action right now, I'm waiting for your call, Cell. 073 439 9060.

You can also read more about our alternative approach to education on the full article available at this link.

Our Future in the hands of a Leadership Dilemma!
June 2016.  Full Article available at 

Life never ceases to have a meaning, under any conditions, even tragic and negative aspects of life points to a purposeful path, so look for meaning therein. Through the attitude adopted towards any predicament, whether pain, death and guilt, or disaster, instead of succumbing to passive acceptance - you can turn it into a human achievement, not despair but triumph. (Victor Frankl).

A Fragmented Society reflects the inner lives of its Leaders as its primary sources of knowledge and change initiatives. Social Transformation involve a process of dialogue, and action that results in substantial shifts in social norms, but is characterised by the legitimacy of discordant voices, particularly of those most marginalised in society. Those who stand for progressive social change believes that our society needs transformation; however, this transition demands serious introspection on the fundamental drivers that may limit, or empower human endeavour. The dilemma arises when Leaders, based on their own role models, do not propose new ideologies, or represent a unique Identity that can provide constructive direction, unanimity, and interconnectedness across borders to provide meaning and stability for the new generation. Part of the problem may be that we know very little about what constitutes good leaders, or how to develop the capacity that would address the prevailing negative forces that reinforce a disjointed society. Or must there first be another cataclysmic event that will unite people for a common cause, or a Vision for Transformation that can provide new foundations for a united humanity? Read more about the need for Social Transformation, and what you can do about the dilemma we face at: Leadership Dilemma.

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Can Leadership Development Transform Society?
May 2016.  Full Article available at    

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” (Leo Tolstoy).

How do we create a society that is better enabled to deal with the challenges we face today? While reformation movements have come and gone, current systems are still not fit for purpose to create and sustain a ‘New Earth’ global community. What is needed is a new kind of thinking about the role of transformative, or developmental leadership, especially the role of education, and the position of social and business leaders therein. Training interventions that focus on Leadership and Entrepreneurial development therefore need to bridge this gap, and retain talent transfer that serves the needs experienced in the work place. The future role of collaboration in learning and the position of various business leaders therein, are key dynamics often debated among Millennials. Young people long for transformation in their communities and the new generation of leaders are challenging systems thinking, and are calling for mentors with an out-of-the box business and educational approach to guide and support them.

Transformative Coaching, illuminates the processes of business leadership to impact change in society, which can translate into practical interventions that promote this kind of support needed. Several ways to stimulate a transformative learning experience is identified and included in the Entrepreneurial Leadership Incubation process that utilises group projects and interactive dialogue between various generations to stimulate critical reflection, innovation, and growth. This approach to leadership development is dynamic and contributes to the effective development of leadership skills that can be transferred to empower the next generation. The complexities entailed, also require a new kind of change agent who has developed the personal capacities required for the complex demands of effective leadership to initiate change. This kind of approach to education, under guidance of an incubation mentor, aims to cultivate four specific capacities indicative of transformative Leadership. Read more about these qualities embeded in the Leadership Development process presented by the Meta-Life Institute. The full article is available at this link.

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How to Create Harmony and Transform Society. (Article Click here).

Vision for a New Earth Spiritual Community.  (Article Click here). 


Urgent appeal: There is continual need of business leaders, educators, and change agents, to be part of this kind of solution. The in-house short-courses and Academic Mentoring offered by Meta-Life Coaching in Pinetown (KZN, South Africa), is an extension of our Transformational Life-Coaching services offered, and part of the Change Agent Incubation programme presented. Should you be interested to know more, whether participating as Mentor, Student or Sponsor, please inquire at:

Creating a better Society - Why should I care ... Do you?
April 2016.  Full Article available at    
“Change the way you see things and the things you see will change”. (Dr. Wayne Dyer).

Don’t you get it, what do I care about a world that is full of anger and violence, corruption and lies, poverty and drought, abuse and political scandals, and oh yes, earthquakes and cancer! As long as I earn enough money to pay my bills, eat enough, have something to wear, and can entertain myself safely at home in front of the television with the latest soapie, why should I care? Is it not enough that we talk about it at work and read the newspapers to make us aware? Why should I do more?

Conversations for Social Transformation, is an initiative of the Meta-Life Institute that recently held another public talk to promote public awareness of possible solutions for the problems experienced in our communities. During the meeting held in Pinetown (KZN, South Africa), interested parties participating in the conversation raised several questions concerning the causes of conflict, and the process involved to establish peace and harmony in society. In this regard, steps to initiate Social Development were discussed that would lead to the needed transformation in our communities, and to foster wholesome conditions for people to live in harmony and prosper. Disturbing the results as it may seem, the conversation also turned to the reasons why there is no real progress. The processes of transformation are indeed complex. To read more about the challenges confronting the world today and possible solutions, please read the full article here.

Instead of the usual legalistic approach of do’s and don’ts, these kind of interactions propose new approach towards life. The NEW EARTH spiritual principles promoted through these Conversations for Transformation, can be followed by any person desiring to see a change in the world. Positive change starts with conscious and mindful living. When we are preoccupied with making a difference, we will be willing to stand for the principles you want to live today that will create a better future for all tomorrow. It is often said: Be the Change you want to see in the World”. Social development and growth thrive when these factors are present. 

Visions of Transformation.

How do we create a better world to live in? How do I deal with the frustrations of life? A very relevant topic and important principles that can be applied personally and in your work environment. Social or Personal Transformation, it all boils down to Consciousness. At the Meta-Life Institute, our research focuses on the application of Transformative Learning Strategies that promote Integrative Spiritual Experiences and Social Development. Our intention is to assist a new generation of problem solvers to become conscious entrepreneurial leaders that want to make a difference to their communities. We have a vision for the transformation of social consciousness?

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