Directing Spiritual Growth and Transformation.

The heart of Spiritual Direction is journeying with someone who is able to help you recognize the ways that you hide, and guide you through work with the Spirit of God to a deep place of hope and freedom. Spiritual Directing offers a voice of guidance to those who are intent on growth, with special emphasis given to recognizing and responding to a “Higher Presence” in one’s life and listening truth into being. The Spiritual Director is known by many metaphors as Pastor, Guide, Sage, or Mystic, yet is essentially supported by the concept of a “Soul Friend” (Anam Cara). It is one who journeys alongside in a deeper way, stepping into the story of the other in a manner that acknowledges the whole picture and nurtures its growth.

For some, God can be experienced as the underlying unity that exists in the Universe. This Field of Consciousness is very personal and can be experienced through various spiritual rituals and practices to train the heart and mind to obtain a greater awareness of a “God experience” that is responsive and interactive with human thinking. A spiritual orientation towards life centres on consciousness of the internal drives in your life, and the meaning of experiences in the school of life that ultimately leads man back to his Creator.

“Our limitations and success will be based, most often, on your own expectations for ourselves. What the mind dwells upon, the body acts upon.” (Denis Waitley). When you need Spiritual Direction, Guidance and Insights for your life, remember - "Over every mountain and through every jungle, there is a path to freedom, joy and wholeness, although it may not be seen from the valley. I’ve learned to deal with life’s expectations and how to eliminate the filters of assumptions that restrain our connection with the Divine. Sometimes we need someone to help us gain perspective and help us to connect again to this greater awareness - take my hand, I will guide you there!" (Mythic Sage).

Background and Modern Trends.

In Ancient-days, people consulted the Prophets, Psychics, Soothsayers, Fortune-tellers, Shamans, Guides, Gurus, and Mystics to receive Spiritual assistance with problem situations in life. This mostly became the later role of the Priest and Pastor in Society. However, Modern Society requires higher-insight that can be given from non-religious, conscious professionals without the stigma of Church or Temple observances attached. Spirit Directing or Transformational Coaching does that - it awakens the power of your inner reality (intuition) and equip you to lead and serve from that place of a deeper personal connection with Source (God).

While Spiritual Directing does involve some teaching, unlike discipleship or training workshops, it is not the focus of the direction session. Just as in mentorship, the person to whom the seeker comes, also takes an active participating role. Often this involves exercises to be completed to foster growth and assist intuitive development.

The Spiritual Director is a like a Metaphysical Counselor leading the seeker towards deeper levels of consciousness and providing Life Path Guidance, identifying  & transforming beliefs that hold them back.  A Spiritual Director therefore provides the sacred practice of attuning to the presence of Source, looking for God or Spirit’s activity in your life story to give you the opportunity and space to reflect on the meaning of that presence and involvement in your life. As we explore that which is no longer serve the current spiritual experience in a non-judgmental and supportive atmosphere - the process empowers individuals to fearlessly embrace transformation and realize previously untapped potential. 

Consciousness Training and Spiritual Formation.

Spiritual Growth takes on many faces. It may look different for you than it does for me, but it always connect us more deeply to the One in whom we live and move and have our being, and to each other. Sadly, many of us struggle under false understandings of how to grow spiritually, based on misapplied teachings of our production-oriented culture, and traditional religious norms. Often enough, we see someone else who seems to have achieved some level of spiritual maturity, and we attempt to do whatever it is that they are doing. Over time, we have some successes and some failures, be we mostly feel unchanged. Eventually, it becomes too much, and we quit. We are being called to weave together a new orientation in academic studies that integrate personal development and spiritual growth. It is no coincidence that you have been guided here today, it is time, and you know it! It is time for you to fearlessly move beyond your comfort zone and be courageous enough to walk your truth, own your power, and transform your life from the inside-out.

Consciousness Training is an advanced methodology of Spirit Directing and Transformational Coaching that creates shifts in the client's awareness leaving them empowered to influence providence and create a self-designed destiny. The ability to assist others to achieve more and gain clarity, both in their lives and at work, and access the resources they need to solve problems and fulfill their dreams, is both a sought after and highly rewarding skill. It is also an ability that can be learnt. Spiritual Formation, or Consciousness Training, therefore, provide knowledge of e.g. various forms of prayer, affirmations, mental visualization and meditative contemplation, effective ceremonies, and acts of kindness and service that emanate the manifest presence of the Divine within Society.

When Do People Work With a Spiritual Director?

When there is changes in your experience of prayer and worship and you’re not sure why. For guidance in spiritual practices, applying spiritual tools and methodology.

For support and encouragement through all life’s challenges, and discernment when at a transition point in life, whether spiritual, relational, or professional.

Leads towards renewal or deepening of faith, hope, in appropriating life’s purpose. To expand awareness, and to discover a greater sense of God presence, love, and grace everywhere.

If you simply want to grow deeper in your relationship with God.To find a deeper more authentic connection to your true self, others, and creation.

Benefits of Spiritual Direction and Consciousness Training.

Self Awareness and Growth. The Formation process explores who we are in our own reality, and help us to gain true understanding of inner drives, underlying believes, and needs in our interaction with other people and within the environment. By understanding the dynamics that influences our relationships, financial, and physical life-patterns, enables us to evaluate why things are not working, and how to resolve it.

Control of the Mind. By expanding our consciousness and the way we perceive life, it enables us to resolve conditioned or habitual patterns, and take full responsibility for thoughts, feelings, and emotions in the integration of self in a transformational life-story. The method used to e.g. quiet the mind-chatter through techniques like meditation or visualization exercises, helps the “inner mind” to illuminate the manifestation of your life purpose.

Energy Perception. True perception is an understanding of the vibrational quality of the creative forces that works in our lives. Correct perception & understanding of the phenomena awakens a spiritual awareness and conscious lifestyle. These energy patterns reveal any disharmony that may exist in our physical being that will manifest as disease. True perception and correct knowledge will advance one’s Spiritual and Psychological healing as we deal with the underlying sub-conscious roots.

Intuitive Development. The ability to fine-tune our “inner” communication with the “higher self” expands the perception of our Universal Oneness. Intuitive development trains and refines our spiritual gifts as tools which we can use to serve higher purposes, for guidance in daily living, and in communication with Divine Intelligence. It makes us more aware of our personal responsibilities to ourselves and those around us in the correct use of your mental faculties as a resources to use for the greater good.

How does the Spiritual Development Consciousness Training (Incubation) system work?

* Start with a Personal Interview / Assessment Session (Online or by appointment).

* Complete the enrollment / application form (Same as the Life-Coaching process).

* Once registered – you will receive additional free resources and Study guides.

* The online blended learning process is complimented by live-attendance workshops, academic mentoring of formal education, and regular interactive "Conversations for Transformation" to guide the integration of study material, and the application of spiritual exercises through participatory "Listening Sessions".

As a leader, change agent, or spiritual light worker, you have arrived here because of a vision – a desire that’s bigger than you. Without a doubt, we see your capacity for conscious transformative leadership is well within your reach and extraordinary results are yours for the asking.

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