Higher Education, & Training and Development.

We infuse, empower, and establish young entrepreneurial leaders as Change Agents in the Social Artistry

of a New Earth Society where they again, can contribute to the success of another.

   From the Coach’s Desk …

Education is a journey that transforms the heart, soul, mind, to assist people to develop their full potential and being more effective in their lives, whether personal or vocational. Participating in Social Transformation in the world is exhilarating and fulfilling work. But it requires preparation for the various ways you might bring healing to the world, particularly through business communities and religious institutions. While formal academic training has its benefits in a business context, many people feel they would rather benefit from hands-on skills training that focuses on specialized fields at a local level. There is an alternative to traditional full-time formal training. We provide a blended approach of part-time specializations, as part of our extended coaching programmes.

The accelerated higher education process facilitated through our Incubation programmes present alternative solutions to obtain work integrated academic qualifications. The part-time interactive group sessions, and online blended learning with teachings that can be studied at home, leads to practical applications through tasks and projects that are correlated during face-to-face sessions, and makes learning more exciting and fun. Classes take on the form of workshop-evenings during the week, or distance education with online support, where your study mentors provide information and support. Certain workshops and exercises presented locally, are sometimes required for specializations. The objective is that a participating student learns, not about a subject for example Theology, but the transformative learning environment created through our incubation programmes, assist the learner to integrate spiritual and practical learning into viable activities that emanate into a humane, conscious, and economic life-contribution towards Society.


The Centre for Leadership Development and Consciousness Studies, is not registered with the Department of Education for local Accredited Academic Training in SA. The courses presented are intended to assist individuals who want to improve their personal effectiveness in practical leadership, entrepreneurship, and spiritual development. The specialization training programmes and short-courses are not SAQA accredited in the RSA, and is offered as an extension of Religious and Life-Coaching services offered to uplift and empower the Local Community. The study programmes, coordinated by Meta-Life Coaching, is presented in collaboration with local businesses and Spiritual Institutions, with the objective to assist people in developing their personal potential and professional competencies.  Although the courses are accredited by various Universities abroad, Meta-Life Coaching does not confer academic qualifications. Courses are, however, constructed and presented at levels required at Graduate and Post Graduate levels normally available with various Higher Educational Institutions affiliated with UNESCO for accreditation. Assessment and moderation of courses are, therefore, externally regulated for quality control purposes. 

Higher Education that can be personalized to foster Social Development. 

There is more ways to bring about effective social transformation on primary level as well as within corporate structures. We can create a better world for our children to live in and there is no need to remain entrenched in a social de-fragmented disorganization of wealth and development. This may entail further impartation of specific skills and academic training to individuals to be more effective in the execution of their passion and mission in life. Transformative learning is more than a shift in one’s thought, it is a shift in consciousness itself, and that’s what we are passionate about in life.

A Transformative approach to Social Development can be more expedient through accelerated academic studies presented in Incubation programmes. This approach to Individual Coaching, and Mentoring Transformative Leadership, covers all the stages of change management - assessment, product or process design and evaluation, and delivery of customized interventions that empower our clients to become more successful in their endeavors. Transformative learning programmes are designed to fulfill the rigid requirements of high quality and relevant work integrated learning that is recognized and accredited to full qualifications, conferred by various partner Universities. Therefore, when developing and delivering our products and services, Education focuses on developing competencies that fits client specific goals, instead of offering ready-made solutions. Academic coaching or mentoring interventions are constructed according to client specific learning needs, and focus on developing and strengthening student autonomy and self-reliance. Meta-Life Coaching, empowers young entrepreneurs, and mentors Change Agents to use their passions and dreams to create a new and better world.

Those who are fired with an enthusiastic idea and who allow it to take hold and to dominate their thoughts, find that new worlds open for them. As long as enthusiasm holds out, so will new opportunities.” (Norman Vincent Peale).

Personal Leadership is the ability to manage oneself appropriately and proactively in all circumstances. It is also about being proficient in relating to others in meaningful ways and being able to enhance and transform relationships.

The objective of Spirit Directing and Transformational Coaching is to provide a framework wherein techniques and practical tools can be imparted one a personal level, which will enhance individual understanding and competence to manage behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. Through personal interaction, it also instill the skills and confidence for the participant to experience life and its many challenges from a more conscious and insightful perspective, as we discuss and relate principles to practical examples. Through the academic coaching process, personal development is integrated with formal leadership and management courses to enable the student to succeed as e.g. philanthropist or social entrepreneur.
What is an Incubation Programme?

The word incubation, refer to hatching of birds eggs, nurturing, and cultivating the growth and development until the chicks are ready to leave the nest. It refers to the brooding of innovative ideas and cultivating the mechanisms needed to become a viable self-sustainable venture. Transformative learning and leadership development that assists individuals to transform ideas into workable solutions that support their full human capacity. This is achieved through Leadership Development Interventions (short courses), Holistic Transformational Coaching, and Integrative Spiritual Training – personal development workshops, and specialist incubation educational programmes. The most transformative partnerships are seen in the collaboration of stakeholders with students to promote entrepreneurial innovation and vision. Instead of education-for-employment, the focus shifts towards education for employment-creation, to encourage private initiative in progressive economic development. This approach, mostly implemented as a business incubation collaboration, is a relatively new phenomenon in the educational sector and within governmental policy development for small enterprise, or personal leadership development.

The Incubation format, as an approach to Education, is a structured Community of Learning, and think-tank with the primary task to assist the development of its participants into academic astute and social responsible acumen. The Incubation process promote an all-encompassing, open and frank dialogue on bringing current social issues to the table, reflect on academic research, and directing the study focus to find solutions. It entails the fundamentals of ideas creation and its viability for implementation, preparation-, and planning phases, further research, and application of new knowledge, and guidance and verification of the action steps needed to bring ideas into fruition. Such an approach cultivates skills and competencies needed by change agents in the workplace that promote sustainable economic and social transformation.

A Leadership Incubator, for example, focuses on Entrepreneurship and Social Transformation, and is therefore a programme designed to accelerate the competencies, knowledge, and skills needed for students to initiate new ventures that would expand business possibilities and social development, especially in marginalized areas. It does not provide a financial support system, facilities, and technical services as infrastructures for business growth, unless sponsors are available, or scholarships can be obtained.

Specialization Incubation Programmes available.
The following three specialization focuses are currently offered. Please follow the links for more information.

1. Personal Development & Consciousness Training.

Our “Transformation and Consciousness Incubation Programme, has been created for individuals who want to take the initiative and find ways to express their passion for making a contribution to the world. A spiritual orientation towards personal development centers on consciousness of the internal drives in your life, and the meaning of experiences in the school of life that ultimately leads to an inner transformation. This holistic understanding of our role as human beings increases your personal motivation and effectiveness in the world. Courses will also empower you as professional to be more effective in Life-Coaching, Counseling, as Holistic Healers, Spiritual Teachers, or Interfaith Ministers in their respective communities.


2. Change Agent Incubation: Transformative Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship.

Successful transformation and social development requires Transformative Entrepreneurial Leaders with a passion for creating positive change in the world. The complexities entailed require a new kind of change agent, one who works from the inside out and has developed the personal capacities required for the complex demands to initiate change. Aimed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to implement consciousness principles in order to ‘be the change they want to see in the world’ - the incubation mentors Transformative Leadership through all the stages of Change Management and Social Entrepreneurship.


3. Spiritual Direction Specialization.

Spiritual Direction is a ministry in which the guide helps the seeker to become aware of the Divine, or Source of creation, and its self-communication, and the gift of that relationship. Spiritual Direction is concerned with facilitating a person's growth and intimacy with the Divine, which leads to a proper relationship with all of creation. This programme will develop mature spiritual ministers to effectively function in the art and science of spiritual mentoring through the supervised practice of Spiritual Direction.  


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