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Education is a journey that transforms the heart, soul, mind, to assist people to develop their full potential and being more effective in their lives, whether personal or vocational. Participating in Social Transformation in the world is exhilarating and fulfilling work. But it requires preparation for the various ways you might bring in healing the world, particularly through Religious communities and institutions. While formal academic training has its benefits and is essential for full-time Ministry, many people feel they would rather benefit from hands-on training that focus on specialised fields, at a local level. There is an alternative to traditional full-time Formal training. We provide a blended approach of part-time specialisations, as part of our extended coaching programmes. Training present part-time interactive group sessions, with teachings to be studied at home, and practical applications through tasks and projects that are correlated during face-to-face sessions, which makes learning more exciting and fun. Classes takes on the form of workshop-evenings during the week, or distance education with online support, where your study mentors provide information and support. Certain workshops and exercises is sometimes required for specialisations. The objective is that a participant learn, not about a subject, for example Theology, but the transformative learning environment created through our incubation programmes, assist the learner to integrate spiritual truths into a lifestyle that emanate into a loving, Christ-conscious attitude towards humanity, and an effective Ministry in Society.

Disclaimer: The Centre for Leadership Development and Consciousness Studies, is not registered with the Department of Education for Accredited Academic Training in SA. The courses presented are intended to assist individuals who wants to improve their personal effectiveness in practical Leadership and Spiritual Development. The Specialisation Training Programmes and Short Courses are not SAQA accredited in the SA, and is offered as an extension of Religious and Coaching services offered to uplift and empower the Local Community. The study programmes coordinated by Meta-Life Institute, is presented in collaboration with Local Churches and Businesses with the objective to assist people in developing their personal potential and professional competencies.  Although the courses is accredited by various Universities abroad, Meta-Life Institute do not confer academic qualifications. Courses are, however, constructed and presented at Graduate and Post Graduate levels normally available through Higher Educational Institutions for accreditation. Assessment and moderation of courses are externally regulated for quality control purposes. 

Transformation and Consciousness Incubation Programme. 

Our “Transformation and Consciousness Incubation Programme, focus on a spiritual orientation towards life, and consciousness of the meaning of experiences.  This study programme brings the attention of the student to an underlying unity that exists in the Universe.
This Field of Consciousness can be experienced through various spiritual rituals and practices to train the mind to obtain a greater awareness of a “Mystical Existence” that are responsive and interactive with human thinking. The programme is offered as distance education or part-time in the evenings at suitable venues. Practical assignments throughout the courses will insure interaction with learning content and personal participation. The following modules are currently available.

Module 1.        Live Your Truth: Personal Mastery Course, (Entry Level).

Module 2a.      Ontology of the Soul (School of Mystics, level 1).

Module 2b.      Sacred Contracts and Shadow Play.

Module 3a.      Intuitive Development (School of Mystic, level 2).

Module 3b.      The Art and Practice of Meditation, Advanced Course.

Change Agent Incubation Programme.
Short-Courses Specialising in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Social Transformation.

The incubation programme aims to equip local business and ministry leaders with the implementation of transformational principles that can be applied in any leadership role and entrepreneurial function in Society and includes the following five core modules

  • Effective Leadership Skills for Innovation and Change Management.
  • The Role of your Organisations and Social Transformation.
  • Your Personal Mission and Social Development.
  • A Spiritual Approach to Business Management.
  • Practical Application: Theory of Research and Project Proposals.
Specialisation Programme in the Art and Practice of Spiritual Direction.

Spiritual Direction is concerned with facilitating a person's growth and intimacy with God, which leads to a proper relationship with all of creation. This programme will develop mature ministers to effectively function in the art and science of spiritual mentoring through the supervised practice of Spiritual Direction.

Five Core Modules:

The content of the theoretical, practical, and interactive sessions includes the following components.

  • Philosophy of Spirituality & Spiritual Direction. 
  • Psychology of Religion.
  • Spiritual Formation and Approach to Spiritual Education.
  • Introduction to Contemporary Approaches to Spirituality.
  • Introduction and Theory on Research Proposals.

 The Practical Retreat: 

The Practical Retreat is part of the Core requirement and include individual Spiritual Directing sessions, and supervisory practical sessions covering the following areas of focus:

  • Counselling Basics and Coaching Essentials, and
  • The Process of Spirit Directing with Practical Sessions.
  • Supervision of Spiritual Direction and Guidelines for Ethical Conduct.

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