Entrepreneurial Leadership

Change Agent Incubation Programme.

Short-Courses Specialising in Leadership and Social Transformation

 Many people have dreams for their communities, talented and passionate in their endeavours, yet without specific direction and competence to create a Social Artistry in their vision to bring about transformation and peace. What is your position and role of Leadership in Society, and how competent do you feel as leader? Many leaders feel inadequate to take on the challenges presented in society, and ask what they, as a Small Business, or Church, can do to make the difference? As response, we have developed a short-courses to encourage Leaders in Society to develop effective skills to bring about Social Transformation. The courses, aim to equip local business and ministry leaders with the implementation of transformational principles that can be applied in any role and function in Society. We extend this invitation to you to improve your leadership skills and participate in this unique learning opportunity at a fraction of the cost of formal education. The Programme, presented at post graduate level, will cover fundamental modalities in Human Resource Development, Transformational Leadership, the Role, and Function of leaders in Organisations, and Strategies for Growth and Development. The incubation programme conclude with the participant’s articulation of their own leadership approach and style for Ministry in the context of their local church, or organisation. The programme include the following components. For more information on the full distance education and mentorship programme, please request our Catalogue.

       Five Core Modules:  

         The content of the theoretical, practical, & interactive sessions includes the following Components:

  • Effective Leadership Skills for Innovation and Change Management.
  • The Role of the Church / Business Organisations and Social Transformation.
  • Missions and Social Development. 
  • Biblical / Spiritual Approach to Business Management.
  • Practical Application: Theory of Research and Project Proposal.

Module 1:  Effective Leadership Skills Course. (Currently running).

We all want to see transformation in Society, yet change begins with the power you have to influence and model change. This course, will prepare any person to take initiative and direction in complex decision-making environments, while applying concepts related to servant and transformational leadership models. The focus of the course is to implement Biblical principles in leadership roles, taking a spiritual mentorship approach of experiential learning. The course will explore the definition of leadership through group interaction, and team based learning, which forms the foundation for effective leadership skills development and reflective learning. The course have adopted the Sloan Model for leadership development in a Ministerial context, and its principles can be used by Business people and Religious workers. The emphasis is on practical simulations and teamwork strategies that serve as basis for Transformative Leadership and Management for Change. We can create a better world for our children to live in, and the Church has an obligation to strengthen the values and Spiritual Orientation of Society, in the way our leaders model that change.

Format & Costs: The Leadership Development Course is a one-year course (part-time, twice a week), and the mentoring process will cost R 800 P/p, per month. (Total cost R 16000/year). This programme is accredited towards a post-graduate academic qualification. Please inquire for more information. 

Venue: Pinetown.

Time: Provisionally, meetings will commend at 6:30 till 9:30, on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings, one evening covering theory and the second for practical application exercises to integrate learning.

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