Soul Dynamics and Archetypes

  Overview: Soul Dynamics, Personal Identity and Archetypes.

Identity is how we define and express ourselves in the way we think and behave. It is what define our Character and give us direction in life. Archetypes is energetic patterns or influence on behavior that reflects your Spiritual Character & identity of the Soul. It explains who you really are.

You can discover why you are drawn to certain people and display certain patterns of behavior, and what motivates and inspires you to be who you are. Your Life Purpose is also embodied in this support system of a small group of Archetypes and as part of the psyche are your personal and intimate guides. Connecting with your Archetypal Orientation will give you clarity towards relationships, job decisions, spiritual orientation and meaning to life.

Meta-Life Coaching presents Workshops that guide the selection and implementation of this Archetypal Dynamic. We offer Individual Archetypal Readings or Spreads to analyze and apply the insights obtained from the energy patterns imprinted on the Character of your Individual Soul. During the process of an individual analysis we investigate the application of this dynamic in more detail, in order to obtain clarity and direction for our lives.

On our spiritual journey home, understanding the Archetypes that influences your life decisions and applying the guidance gained from this dynamic is an incredible empowering tool for Personal Development and Life Enrichment. It brings clarity regarding subconscious choices, resolve stuck states and equip the honest enquirer towards a deeper intuitive engagement with their Inner Child, Guides and the Psychological Dynamics that lead to a dis-empowered or enhanced life. It further clarifies unresolved childhood occurrences and give meaning to current experiences. Through the analysis, working with the primal energies in your life-path blueprint or birth chart, we gain insight towards current relationships and career choices that will help you to fulfill your Purpose on Earth in the way you choose to express yourself.The Archetypal Analysis also reflect the inner "Swan" the duckling embody aspire to be. The Process is the singular most empowering reading you can encounter, giving you back a sense of value, significance and a meaningful and practical spiritual orientation towards life. 

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   The Quest for Personal Identity

There is no problem with a personal identity, it is what gives us that affirmation and sense of belonging, value and significance. Personal identity normally revolve around the question of; “Who am I”, or “where do I come from, and what makes me the person I am? Your identity consists of those attributes that make you unique as an individual and define the character of the human soul

There is nothing unique or new about man’s endeavor to find the reasons for being on earth and in that the significance of your own existence. “[Archetypes] are more than real and less than fact, [alive] in Myth and felt in time. Their image is everywhere, and their body is nowhere, while many Institutions is laid down in their name. Yet, they are homeless. While evoked, constant, yet no-one believes they exist”. “Many people, known and unknown, in virtually every region of the world, have experienced the suspension of their usual ways of being and the acquiring of meta-normal capacities through communion or identification with archetypal energies”. . (Jean Houston).

   Personal Application of Archetypes.

Just as some kind of analytical technique is needed to understand a dream, so a knowledge of Mythology, Symbolism or Archetypal influences, is needed in order to grasp the meaning of the content derived from the deeper levels of the psyche or ‘Soul’, and the collective unconscious at large. In an attempt to understand the human psyche we look at the deeper spiritual level of our own character, which is symbolic or Archetypal. Just as dreams have many layers of meaning, our understanding and experience of ourselves may be literal and minimal, or can reflect everyday issues and subconscious fears. Life however cannot be interpreted from “ONE” Archetypal perception of reality as only a singular orientation of e.g. “I am an Advocate”. There is multiple influences that together create whom you are. This is a very effective way to view the leading unconscious influences of symbolism and mythology upon your life and clearly understanding their significance for today.

The Archetypes are like magnets, drawing together the elements required for an experience to manifest, including the people with whom you have established contracts with, and important decisions you make in life. When aligning the Archetypes in their respective houses (areas of influences), it assists you in living your life purpose and centers your spiritual - and life-journey to support your essential nature (innate character). Placing, or transposing the Archetypes in the respective house-type or areas of influence on your life, will reflects the forces at play in your decision making processes.  As these influences and the meaning of the houses are peculiar to the normal physical plane, it cannot be determined by the ego and are only engaged by the subconscious mind that governs the placing of the Archetypes without the ego’s involvement.

Archetypes Workshop

An Inner Journey through the Character and Structure of your Soul Identity.

Date and Time:

Two days from 8:30 – 18:00. Please inquire for dates.


The Workshop will be hosted at the Office of Meta-Life Coaching at Hatton Estates, Pinetown.


Energy Exchange R 1650 inclusive of notes provided. Please note: Bookings is Essential for limited space available.

Booking: To secure your seat:

Please contact Martin on 073 439 9060.

      Course Content:

      The two-day Workshop on Archetypes will take you on an epic journey of personal discovery, exploring where you come from and the inner passions and Identity of your Soul Character. During this process you will be able to connect to the energetic patterns, or sub-conscious influences that drive your behavior spiritually. Connecting with your Archetypal Orientation will give you clarity towards relationships, job decisions, spiritual orientation and meaning to life - explaining who you are and how you engage with the world around you. With an understanding of your Archetypal nature, it provides an excellent opportunity for self-discovery and growth. The Guided meditation sessions allow you to journey to the deeper parts of the psyche and connect with your inner child, and give you the ability to take control of your inner space and rewrite agreements that no longer serve your higher purposes and cancel outdated contracts. Our discussions will include the following topics.

  • Background History – Where Archetypes come from.
  • Personal Application and its relevance to your life.
  • The Structure of the Soul and Spirit Awareness.
  • Sacred Agreements and Soul Purpose in Life.
  • Identity Formation and Worldview. (Culture and Astronomy).
  • A Journey to "Neverland" - meet your Inner Child.
  • Journey to the underground – Identifying Shadows in your Life.
  • Selection Guidelines and Identifying your Group of Prototypes.
  • The Archetypal Blueprint – Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Guidelines for Intuitive Guidance and Archetypal Interviews.
  • Guided Meditation – Exploring your Kingdom, meet your advisors.
  • Re-coding and Re-scripting your Constitution. (Affirmations).
  • Declaration of Intent and preparation for personal analysis.

   Briefing on the Selection of Archetypes for the Reading / Analysis.

The Archetypal Analysis session entails firstly the exposition and selection of different Archetypal Identities and the explanation of your own individual grouping. The reading or analysis, explores your reality and give deeper insight into sub-conscious patterns of thinking and behaving, and the dynamics that influence your current life situation. The grouping and it’s interpretation will focus on the individual’s “Soul-Body”, or “Etheric Blueprint” that direct our awareness and expression in this age. The centring exercise quickens the spiritual energy that supports the soul-body that reads the vibration (emotional energy) that each Archetypal identity contains during the spreadsheet reading - through faith, and cannot be accessed by trusting the ego’s presupposition. The selection of the individual Archetypes will be facilitated and clarified - using the Archetypes Card Deck compiled and designed by Caroline Myss. For those who would like to know more, we strongly recommend to read the book; Sacred Contracts, Awakening Your Divine Potential, by the same, (Bantam Books, London. 2001). The analysis should not be attempted alone without prior reading of the textbook or previous courses completed on Archetypal Analysis.

Should you require more information on the Archetypal Analysis and want to know more about individual Life-Purpose and Consciousness Training, the consultants of Meta-Life Coaching can be contacted at the details given. This is your opportunity to discover who you are. We equip and assist individuals towards Self-Mastery and living their dreams and passions in life.


Firstly; all people have the following three identities in their grouping: The Victim, Prostitute and Saboteur. It is important to understand their descriptions. (The facilitator will assist you in this regard).

Second; each person has an inner child - one of the six that is described to be selected as it relates to the innocent state of your natural being.

Third, the easiest way to choose your grouping, is to simply read the descriptions of each Archetype listed, or on each card and select those that stir your curiosity, or those you feel a strong connection with. It is important to understand that it is not about choosing the identities or Archetypal characteristics that we want to have present in our lives. Rather, it is about being painstakingly honest and truthful in the exposition of both shadow and light attributes that occurs through-out one’s life.

Fourthly, keep the following guidelines in mind.

Keep your attention on the pattern (characteristics) that are consistently reoccurring in your life, rather than an occasional aspect. Some people admit the good aspects, but then don’t want the bad. These characteristics would have occurred throughout your life, especially in your childhood years. It is the preferred way that we expressed ourselves in the games which we used to play.

Think from both the obvious literal and the symbolic perspective, as the hidden potential that you were always afraid to admit, or even the seemingly absurd aspects of self that you may resist, or are ashamed of to admit to others.

Try and determine patterns of events that is reoccurring in your life. (Never have money, always have to beg for assistance). What are the things you are naturally attracted to, and the events you call unto you? Are you a magnet for thieves? So what are they reflecting back to you about yourself? Is it something that you are doing, or is it something that you are like and resist to admit?

Start with the intellectual concepts first, that which we try to reason out. Then step into that place of honest connection to the silent place within. Ask yourself if this is really you, or is this who you want to be, or suppose to be according to cultural expectations. Wait for the intuitive feedback and recognition of your soul that once acknowledged, would make you very emotional, wanting to cry or erupt with abundant joy. Wait for that deep yes, I know that I know that is me … even if I hate to be that character described and don’t want anyone to know for fear of rejection.

Don’t get distracted by connotations or physical appearances. Access each Archetypal description and look carefully for corresponding qualities in your life. Always ask WHY? Why am I choosing you? What is it that is drawing me to this pattern. Is it what I want to be and have never allowed myself to express. Or is it something that I just know that I know that it is truly whom I am.

Pay special attention to evidence and experiences, or secret desires throughout your lifespan, instead of isolated incidences that manifested some of the characteristics and gifts.

Cost and Duration.

The Selection and Analysis Process normally takes anything between 3 – 5 (three to five) hours. The process is very intense and we encourage every participant to approach the Coaching with dedication and sincerity. Bookings is essential due to the amount of time that needs to be allotted for the process. The session can be paid at a direct fee of just R 650 for 3 hours, or be booked in separate sessions at R 320 per hour. It is recommended that the selection and reading be completed in a singular session as continuity is sometimes lost. However, we do try and accommodate busy schedules and are flexible to assist tiredness and loss of focus during long sessions.

Now, We trust that this brief overview gave you enough insight to realize the necessity of this briefing. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information, and make your booking now.

“The wise men understood that this natural world, is only an image and a copy of paradise. It’s existence is simply a guarantee that there exists … a world that is perfect”         (Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist).

Recommended Reading.

Caroline Myss. 2001. Sacred Contracts - Awakening Your Divine Potentia, London: Bantam Book.

Jean Houston. 1997. The Possible Human : A Course in Enhancing Your Physical, Mental, and Creative Abilities. NY: Tarcher / Putnam.

About your Facilitator / Trainer.

The Analysis and Reading process is facilitated Dr. Martin Brits, a Personal Development Consultant, ISNS Certified Meta-NLP Practitioner Coach, and qualified Metaphysical Master Practitioner. Dr Brits previously served as Ordained Minister and Director of various Counseling and Cross-Cultural Training initiatives and has extensive experience in Transformative Life-Coaching and Leadership Training initiatives. He holds a Doctorate of Divinity in Spiritual Direction, and a Masters in Religious Education. He is also a qualified Spiritual Healer in various alternative modalities. Martin first studied the influences and patterns of Mythology within religious ritual and spiritual devotion. Through the years in Ministry he observed the same re-occurring patterns and characteristics reflected also in Transpersonal Counseling sessions. Focusing on identity issues, he has made an in-depth study of the Archetypal psychological dynamic and currently teach and present it from a Metaphysical perspective with a special emphasis on its cross-cultural application.

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